20th Birthday Celebration

Turning 20 doesn't feel different to turning 19, 18 or even 17. But a birthday will always make you feel special. Last week I turned the absurd age of 20, and received so much happiness and love from all those around me! I couldn't be more thankful for everything everyone has done for me over the past few years and to celebrate my birthday with these people was just phenomenal.
I had a lovely dinner and a cake at home with my family the night of my actual birthday, then that Saturday, I had a small bbq party with a few close friends to celebrate another year of my living, then the following Sunday, my boyfriend and I headed out to the city to spend the night for my birthday, and returned home on the Monday.
So on the night of my birthday, I had a lovely dinner at home with some noodles, chicken and cake with my family.
That Saturday, I was frantic trying to get my party set-up. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect and a complete replica of how I pictured it to be in my mind. I also wanted it to look like everything I love. I wanted people to walk in and instantly say "yep, that is so you!" (and it did happen, so I'm really really happy!)
I had pink and white balloons placed under the food table, which consisted of my cupcake as my cake, egg tarts, bbq chicken and ribs, salad leaves, spaghetti, a castle of macarons, a cupcake stand full of strawberry tarts and some little sandwiches. I created my own bunting decorations which hung from the ceiling and on the wall - a floral, pastel and vintage one, and also a pretty pink and romantic one. I placed my cutlery in spare goodie bags and turned them into little place holders. By the lounge area, I had a little glass coffee table with bowls of lollies and chocolate, with magazines and my little giveaway goodie bags.
In my goodie bags, I had a lipstick for each female guest and a tiny box of 'Nerds'.
I loved everything and how put together it all looked. Although it was a rushed party, it still turned out perfectly.
What I wore? Well! I was so glad to finally be able to wear my tutu!!!! So I wore a fluffy white jumper from Valleygirl which was tucked into my blue Collette Dinnigan tutu from Target, matched with my Michael Kors watch and kitty flats from Rubi Shoes. Ultimate girly outfit!
I really want to thank everyone who came and celebrated with me because if it weren't for you, my birthday wouldn't have been as fantastic as it was! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
The following day, my boyfriend and I had to wake up early enough to pack our bags and catch a train out to the city to check into our hotel. As soon as we'd checked in, we got ready to go out, shop and eat! After we'd finished, we were on the other side of the city, so we took a monorail back to the hotel (which luckily, stops directly in front of our hotel.) We rested for a bit, watched some TV (couldn't miss Modern Family!), refreshened up, and headed out to dinner and to take a walk along the harbour. After our walk, we went to the Lindt Cafe and had dessert, which was incredibly divine! Once we'd stuffed our faces, we headed towards the bridge and walked slowly to devour the time watching the beautiful scenery, and then headed back towards the hotel room to watch some TV for the rest of the night and sleeeeep!
Woke up fresh the next morning, and showered, packed up and said goodbye to our wonderful time at the city!

My birthday was pure perfection and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was beautiful to just enjoy myself with my family and friends. I'm so grateful, thankful, lucky and blessed!
Again, thank you to everyone who made this birthday what it was. I love you all so so so much!

Watch out for my birthday gifts posts! (They come in two parts!)

Until my next post,


  1. This is so cute! All the food and the goodie bags are super adorable. I hope you enjoyed your 20th birthday!
    Loving the tutu by the way. Very "Ariana Grande", as are the balloons :p

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Ivy! I loved every minute of it, hehe :')
      I definitely enjoyed my 20th birthday, thank you!
      Oh I love that tutu! I was saddened to have had to taken it off after the party :(
      Haha oh thank you! Didn't expect for it to turn out that way, but I do love me some Ariana :P


  2. Looks like so much fun! that tutu is gorgeous!! xxx