Instagram Journal: Hidden Treasures

Snippets of what's to be placed in my inspiration book / Some beauty inspiration / Lizzie McGuire episodes to ease the morning! / Volunteering at MBFWA'13 & starting at The Fashion Institute!

Vintage Cotton On Body bra my mama gave me / Love my clothing rack! / Freshly painted lilac nails / Reading SHOP before bed

Graduated!!!! / Received my MYER one card in the mail / Prawn dumplings for lunch / Rain, blogging and Lizzie McGuire

Breakfast to-go / Gossip Girl while I paint my nails / Fall in love with my blog every single day / Starbucks run!

Thank you baby for my Starbucks! / Make me up before you go-go / My favourite little dress! It's so me! / Graduation dinner then Starbucks with my best mates!

Love the way my hair is curled / Friends who are basically cousins already / My lippie collection! / Pretty in pink

New in: suede circle skirt, white crop top and rose gold watch / Starbucks craving fulfilled / It really is / Fashion week volunteer essentials - less is best

My first ever Michael Kors bag! I am in love! / Most comfortable flats for work at fashion week / Kate Sylvester SS'13 show! Loved the collection! / Orientation day at The Fashion Institute!

We started off volunteering at fashion week together, now we spend every week at fashion college together. Love this girl to bits and pieces! / Raffles Sydney show! / So much fashion in this series alone! Love! / Freebie: perfect plum for A/W lippie by Revlon

Winter wear from Ally Fashion / It's all in the details: final shift at fashion week / Dressed two models at a show, stress!!!! / Early birthday present: Michael Kors watch. Thanks mum and dad!!

Dinner cruise for Mama Esky's birthday! / My little bubba drinking iced tea in a wine glass, hehe / Loves of my life / Guylian praline shake always goes off!

Setting up my makeup storage / Newbies: YSL and Oroton / 5am wake up call means getting ready in the dark, booo! / Bits and bobs of my dresser

Monthly bibles / Honey soy chicken chips while I watch Sex and the City the movie / New blanket! So cosy and pretty! / Baby pushing the kiddie trollies at Coles

Ethan keeping me company as we watch MKR together / Classy classics / Catching up on some journal writing / *Love heart eyes*

Steve Madden clearance warehouse ran out of my size for all the shoes I wanted *cry* / Mmm white chocolate and milk chocolate covered strawberries / Dinner date with the boyfriend for our monthsaversary / Starbucks run after the date with babe

Got too cosy in bed with the boyfriend to get out / Fave store. Could never walk in without coming out with something! / Set up a station for the day! / Can you say varsity?

Quickly got addicted to Starbucks / Wildfox, why you gotta do this to me? / New in: necessities for fashion college! / Inspiration for my birthday party!

Kate Sylvester's giveaway at her SS'13 show! / First-day-at-fashion-college face / Getting ready while watching The Hills! / Sitting on ghost chairs as I listen to fashion geniuses

Goodies from Colette / Clueless: all-time fave movie! / The Hills, homework and blogging / Nandos lunch date with the boyfriend

Babe got us dippin dots! / New in: Victoria's Secret body spray in 'sheer love' / Makeup storage all set up / Cute swings at Yogurberry make fro-yo so much more fun!

Tuna and avo sushi as I watch my fave rom-com Something Borrowed / New in from Colette / Vanilla cream frappe with caramel drizzle

Best place to find inspiration is my clothing rack. Love it! / Using my Oroton gift bag as a brush holder. I can never get rid of pretty bags / Chocolates and a vanilla candle, mmm! / First time burning my candle. Smells so good!

Reading SHOP before bed as my candle burns, deliciously / Hey baby / Getting my tote ready for my Styling class / Beauty is ageless. Absolutely love the new catalogue by Peter Alexander!

Watch out for my post about stuff I've been doing at college, and also, in a few more posts, I will be talking about my internship at DOLLY magazine!
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White Quilted Leather Chanel Wallet

For a little girl who knew little to nothing about designer anythings, one word she understood really well sounded like a dream come true everytime she heard it. That word would of course be, no other than: Chanel. I've dreamt about Chanel since the first time I saw a Chanel bag in one of my mum's magazines, many many years ago. Mum was a lover of Chanel also. Quite frankly, that rubbed off on me really well.

For my 20th birthday, I received an authentic leather Chanel wallet from my oldest childhood friend. I literally grew up with her by my side every day whilst I was still living closer to the city.
Seeing as we drifted for a couple of years, for her to come to my birthday and remember that I am immensely obsessed with Chanel by gifting me with my very first Chanel wallet.

As promised, pictured above are high quality shots of my beloved and pristine Chanel. Quilted white leather with a black embroidered logo on the main front, it sits perfectly on the highest of shelves in my bedroom. Hopefully I'll have the courage soon to take her out and explore the beautiful world with me. But maybe not any time soon since I want to savour its cleanliness for as long as possible. Knowing me, something will definitely happen and I just can't risk it quite yet. I haven't even had it for at least a month. You think three months is enough time?

To be official, it came with all the right tags. Authenticity cards, to be exact.

This Chanel will lay very close to my heart.

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20th Birthday Gifts From Family

Welcome to part number two of my birthday gifts post! Formed in the order sequence of first to last of who gave me what gift, I feel so very blessed to have received even half of these things. As a fellow fashion and beauty addict kind of girl, my family know me to the bone.

The gifts I received in bullet-point form were:
  • Denim circle skirt (Princess Polly) from my younger brother, Dean.
  • Dior Addict lip gloss from my mother.
  • $100 cash from my parents.
  • Card and cash from my older brother, Daryl.
  • Kardashian Kollection bag from my in-law family.
  • Card, perfumes (Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy + Chloe Miniature set) and a gift card (MYER) from my boyfriend, Henry, and my son, Ethan.
I love each and every one of them and am rather surprised at how they all knew just what to get me. Nonetheless, I love everything!

The next bunch of images are of the purchases my mum had grabbed for me for my birthday when she took me on a little shopping spree after one of my shifts at the David Jones/Vogue Australia Bridal Expo (I have so much catching up to do to tell you all what's been going on with me!!!!)

So here are what I got:
  • Glossy Mulberry look-a-like bag from Cotton On.
  • Snake skin leather tote from Temt.
  • Dressy lace-up shoes from Temt.
  • Jacket, tapestry skirt, black skirt, knit shorts, print pants from Temt.
  • White and pink fluffy jumper from Valleygirl.
Perfect Winter apparel!

Until my next post,


20th Birthday Gifts From Friends

As you get older, you expect gifts less and less, so when you do receive gifts, it's a really nice surprise! I'm truly thankful for all of the gifts I've received off of my fantastic friends. I just love how well they all know me.

In a quick summary, here is a list of what I got from my friends in bullet-point form.

  • Authentic leather Chanel wallet from Dana.
  • Mint snake skin pencil case from Patricia.
  • Canvas prints and wooden letter from Michelle.
  • Card and cash from Iris.
  • Fashion book from Arturo and Racquel.
  • Cosmetic bag set from Rachael.

So there we have it. The gifts I received from my friends. I'm so thankful and I love each and every one of them! Thank you so much to everyone, you really really didn't have to.

Until my next post,