Weekly Wishlist: April 21 - April 27

As I am commencing my first classes at fashion college this week, I have dedicated this week's wishlist to, as said, college. It's a bunch of necessities I'm going to need, in my opinion. As you can already see, they're all from Forever New. This is a number one reason as to why I love living in Australia. Forever New is the perfect store to describe me. You basically walk in and immediately point to 20 things that you know I would like. That is how gorgeous everything is!
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Caroline laptop bag. This bag has a removable croc skin sleeve that you put your laptop in, and it's just beautiful. I already have a laptop bag from this store, but they have so many gorgeous ones, I feel like I need another one. Grrr! But I basically want this to carry around my laptop. I don't exactly think I will be carrying my laptop around, but on the off-chance that I will need to, obviously a laptop bag will come in handy. I feel like the laptop bag I currently have is way too massive and I am thinking of selling it since I only used it once and it's in PERFECT condition.
  2. Bianca travel wallet. Okay, so I may not travel a lot, but I feel like since I will be going to the States next year, this is an essential need for then, but even for right now. I travel an hour to get to college and this could actually come in quite handy dandy with all of its pockets. Something to keep in mind, I guess.
  3. Chantel tech case. This is on the off-chance that I might actually get an iPad for college. Right now, I feel like it's not that essential or important, but I think I will definitely feel differently in a couple months time when it all starts to get crazy and carrying an iPad around will just become so much more convenient for me. I'm still on the fence about it, so we'll see, but this case is just so classic. Black trim with white quilted main, love!
  4. Blair phone case. When I volunteer at fashion week, it's easier if I just carry my phone, some notes of cash and my concession card. So I know I'll have to invest in one of these types of cases for moments like those, and since I volunteer for them a lot, it's just going to become a regular thing that I use.
  5. Lauretta & Rani pencil case. Ahhhh, pencil cases. If only I had known about Forever New when I was in primary school or high school, I would've love school shopping so much and going back to school because of how cute their range of stuff is! Like, for example, what about these pencil cases? Super super cute, right? These just would've made my school experiences in the past 110x better!
  6. Chantel camera case. This is the primary need for right now, but I'd prefer to see this in store than buy it online because I want to be sure that my camera will fit in this. But I've been searching far and wide for a pretty camera case and I couldn't believe that Forever New had a camera case (which is extremely adorable by the way!!!), so this immediately goes at the top of my list! I actually have two cameras so I'm hoping it will fit them both but at separate times of course.
I am so excited about starting classes at The Fashion Institute this week, and I can't wait for more to come!

Until my next post,

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