Weekly Wishlist: April 14 - April 20

It wasn't until I was pressing save that I realized this wishlist was basically an all black and white theme. As I'm transitioning into beginning college and running through trying to find internships, I find appropriate black and white apparel are fantastic options to go to when in doubt.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Cocolatte coatigan in grey. I've actually been thinking all week about this coat-igan (see what they did there?) and I actually really hope I can go out soon and try this on because I'm not too sure if the material will be too rough on my skin since I have rather sensitive skin. But I am in love with how elegant, sophisticated and classic this coat is. It's perfect to throw over your shoulders.
  2. Cocolatte contrast dress in black and white. I feel like this is something Blair Waldorf would wear and I absolutely adore her and her sense of style. It's so preppy and cute. Throw on a pair of opaque stockings underneath when it's cold out, and pair it with a pair of Mary-Jane heels, and voila, you have the perfect preppy outfit. Cute!!!!
  3. Cocolatte embroided jumper in cream. I now realize it looks like something nanna would wear, right? Well, I find it truly adorable! I love the embroidery along the collarbone. It's so simple, yet the embroidery is perfectly contrasted alongside it. That's what I love - simplicity with a bit of character.
  4. Rubi Shoes orleans heels. Mary-Jane heels have been on my must-have list for a while now. I was super stoked to find that Rubi has these for a reasonable price. They have it in nude also, but I prefer to stick with black for now as it's a classic. I could think about 100 outfits I could probably pair these pretty copy-cat shoes with.
  5. Ally Fashion houndstooth print skirt. I saw these in store the other day and don't quite understand why I didn't purchase. Now I really hope to go and get it and it's the softest material, so it's beautiful to wear with how comfortable it is. I'm in love with houndstooth print so I was so excited to find a skirt in the print.
  6. Ally Fashion faux suede scallop hem shorts. Scallop, another one of my favourites on apparel. I have one top which is scallop edged and yet, it's a size too big but I refuse to give it away because I've made it work somehow for myself. But I need a pair of shorts because just look at how cute they look?! How could I resist, honestly?
Until my next post,

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