Instagram Journal: Little Darlings

Almond milk is so good! / Shopping haul with mum / Mum's shoe buys for me / Dinner at Rashay's with our little teen parents club

The watch I bought for babe / Apple & custard crumble is so delicious for cold days / Oh lord, thank you mum!!!! / What was inside that Chanel bag - she is such a beauty!

Stomach hurting from fits of laughter because of this gang / MAC & Topshop, my loves / EJ with his faves - Thomas, Chuggington & Raa Raa! / Morning needs: red velvet cupcake & Teen Vogue

His, hers & baby's Converse sneakers / First MAC purchase! In love *love heart eyes* / His, hers & baby's calendars / Am obsessed with these clog wedges

Home is where the heart is, but for me, my vanity is where my heart lies / Cinderella's my favourite / Watching The Hills with my laptop but also while playing around with my new (but free) eyeshadow palette / Beautiful breeze coming in through my window

Kardashians are definitely my guilty pleasure / Topshop purchases / Been ages since I watched HIMYM! / Blawggin'

This is too gorgeous / I'm obsessed with the Snapette app! / Badly need this. Why you gotta be $45? / Wearing my converse for the first time with a floral skirt!

Went out to get some lunch! Mmm, Oporto! / We're cute with our matching Converse / Yay! Finally got the laptop support from Ikea! / Organizing my clothing rack with some of my new & fave Autumn pieces

Laptop, journal writing & Topshop's magazine / Catching up on Stilababe09 videos / Watching Just My Luck while munching on juicy seedless grapes / Chocolate mud n mousse cake for brekkie, oopsie

Lovable zebra print bra, so comfy! / My magazine collection, wow I love / Vanity and my closet / Rented Mary-Kate & Ashley dvds! Childhood faves for sure

Room renovation, complete! I'm in love! / Out shopping with mumma bear / Replica of Charlotte Olympia kitten flats, so cute! / Dolly magazine's basics makeup kit

Went out for dinner & dessert with mum / Valleygirl haul / Fashion reads for the day / This view though..

Kate Hill has the most gorgeous bags ever! / Good morning!! / The two gorgeous Kate Hill bags mum and I are sharing / Can't believe I got Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series for $10 instead of $45!

Delicious sweet treats from The Cake Shop / I really did buy a tutu from Target! / The Collette Dinnigan tag on my tutu! / New in shoes

Roast pork with baked veggies and salad for dinner, yummy! / Makeup haul / Carrie Bradshaw is a genius / Swatching my new lippies

Made strawberry shakes / Breakfast waffles / My place of inspiration / Round 2 waffles with vanilla ice cream

Getting a bit Ariana Grande obsessed, put a bow in my pony tail / Working on the inspiration book / If you like it then put a bow on it / Taking selfies on the boyfriend's new iPhone 5

Watching old eps of Victorious with my little man in bed / Shooting for the blog! / Wearing my heart trim socks to keep my warm while watching some TV / So excited to be going to America next year! Miss my family over there!

I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately / Need Stila glosses in my life / *insert irrelevant song lyric here* / Have a free makeover at The Body Shop thanks to babe!

Tonight's face / Me and my girls, love them endlessly! / My boy is looking extremely handsome. Thank goodness he's all mine! / Bed is sooo comfy, good night!

Josh Duhamel for KCAs host, yes please!!! / 2 days in to having them painted and they already are chipped, ah, mum life! / Cherry print pj top with pink stripe pj shorts / Love this quote!

Monday inspiration / Chanel / My iPhone case collection / Free samples I found in my drawers from Benefit Cosmetics

Baby copying mummy going through my clothing rack / Working on the inspiration book / What I do with unwanted scraps / Day made! Finally came in the mail! Fave show!!!

Vintage Photo Finds / Outfit inspiration / My lippie collection, will be on the blog soon! / Went through my box of old photos. Look how gorgeous my mumma was!

Good Friday lunch / Birds eye view of my vanity / Outfits from my Instagram Journal feature / Deeeelcious red velvet cupcakes

Good Friday dinner: soft shell crab, calamari rings with fries and a side salad / Lizzie McGuire episodes!!! / Happy Easter, lovelies!

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