Weekly Wishlist: April 21 - April 27

As I am commencing my first classes at fashion college this week, I have dedicated this week's wishlist to, as said, college. It's a bunch of necessities I'm going to need, in my opinion. As you can already see, they're all from Forever New. This is a number one reason as to why I love living in Australia. Forever New is the perfect store to describe me. You basically walk in and immediately point to 20 things that you know I would like. That is how gorgeous everything is!
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Caroline laptop bag. This bag has a removable croc skin sleeve that you put your laptop in, and it's just beautiful. I already have a laptop bag from this store, but they have so many gorgeous ones, I feel like I need another one. Grrr! But I basically want this to carry around my laptop. I don't exactly think I will be carrying my laptop around, but on the off-chance that I will need to, obviously a laptop bag will come in handy. I feel like the laptop bag I currently have is way too massive and I am thinking of selling it since I only used it once and it's in PERFECT condition.
  2. Bianca travel wallet. Okay, so I may not travel a lot, but I feel like since I will be going to the States next year, this is an essential need for then, but even for right now. I travel an hour to get to college and this could actually come in quite handy dandy with all of its pockets. Something to keep in mind, I guess.
  3. Chantel tech case. This is on the off-chance that I might actually get an iPad for college. Right now, I feel like it's not that essential or important, but I think I will definitely feel differently in a couple months time when it all starts to get crazy and carrying an iPad around will just become so much more convenient for me. I'm still on the fence about it, so we'll see, but this case is just so classic. Black trim with white quilted main, love!
  4. Blair phone case. When I volunteer at fashion week, it's easier if I just carry my phone, some notes of cash and my concession card. So I know I'll have to invest in one of these types of cases for moments like those, and since I volunteer for them a lot, it's just going to become a regular thing that I use.
  5. Lauretta & Rani pencil case. Ahhhh, pencil cases. If only I had known about Forever New when I was in primary school or high school, I would've love school shopping so much and going back to school because of how cute their range of stuff is! Like, for example, what about these pencil cases? Super super cute, right? These just would've made my school experiences in the past 110x better!
  6. Chantel camera case. This is the primary need for right now, but I'd prefer to see this in store than buy it online because I want to be sure that my camera will fit in this. But I've been searching far and wide for a pretty camera case and I couldn't believe that Forever New had a camera case (which is extremely adorable by the way!!!), so this immediately goes at the top of my list! I actually have two cameras so I'm hoping it will fit them both but at separate times of course.
I am so excited about starting classes at The Fashion Institute this week, and I can't wait for more to come!

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Feature previously known as Shopping Through a Lense has been renamed to Snapette, well, because I use an app on my phone called Snapette which allows you to share your fantastic shopping finds with your followers. No worries, I will keep the previous STAL posts as they are and keep the label in the label cloud, but this will be the official title of the feature.

Although these items are probably no longer in stores, I still really really want to share them with you. Because then if it does come in anywhere, it'd truly be a great find!
  1. Pink & white bow cosmetic bag at Forever New
  2. Camel box bag at Temt
  3. Black and orange clutch bags at Sportsgirl
  4. Beauty table at Sportsgirl
  5. iPhone cases at Forever New
  6. Bright red heels at Direct Shoe Warehouse
  7. Suede flats at Direct Shoe Warehouse
  8. Polka dot backpack at eQUIP/Light peach blazer at Temt
  9. Chunky gold chain necklace at Forever New/Clearance beauty table at Sportsgirl
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Weekly Wishlist: April 14 - April 20

It wasn't until I was pressing save that I realized this wishlist was basically an all black and white theme. As I'm transitioning into beginning college and running through trying to find internships, I find appropriate black and white apparel are fantastic options to go to when in doubt.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Cocolatte coatigan in grey. I've actually been thinking all week about this coat-igan (see what they did there?) and I actually really hope I can go out soon and try this on because I'm not too sure if the material will be too rough on my skin since I have rather sensitive skin. But I am in love with how elegant, sophisticated and classic this coat is. It's perfect to throw over your shoulders.
  2. Cocolatte contrast dress in black and white. I feel like this is something Blair Waldorf would wear and I absolutely adore her and her sense of style. It's so preppy and cute. Throw on a pair of opaque stockings underneath when it's cold out, and pair it with a pair of Mary-Jane heels, and voila, you have the perfect preppy outfit. Cute!!!!
  3. Cocolatte embroided jumper in cream. I now realize it looks like something nanna would wear, right? Well, I find it truly adorable! I love the embroidery along the collarbone. It's so simple, yet the embroidery is perfectly contrasted alongside it. That's what I love - simplicity with a bit of character.
  4. Rubi Shoes orleans heels. Mary-Jane heels have been on my must-have list for a while now. I was super stoked to find that Rubi has these for a reasonable price. They have it in nude also, but I prefer to stick with black for now as it's a classic. I could think about 100 outfits I could probably pair these pretty copy-cat shoes with.
  5. Ally Fashion houndstooth print skirt. I saw these in store the other day and don't quite understand why I didn't purchase. Now I really hope to go and get it and it's the softest material, so it's beautiful to wear with how comfortable it is. I'm in love with houndstooth print so I was so excited to find a skirt in the print.
  6. Ally Fashion faux suede scallop hem shorts. Scallop, another one of my favourites on apparel. I have one top which is scallop edged and yet, it's a size too big but I refuse to give it away because I've made it work somehow for myself. But I need a pair of shorts because just look at how cute they look?! How could I resist, honestly?
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Instagram Journal: Little Darlings

Almond milk is so good! / Shopping haul with mum / Mum's shoe buys for me / Dinner at Rashay's with our little teen parents club

The watch I bought for babe / Apple & custard crumble is so delicious for cold days / Oh lord, thank you mum!!!! / What was inside that Chanel bag - she is such a beauty!

Stomach hurting from fits of laughter because of this gang / MAC & Topshop, my loves / EJ with his faves - Thomas, Chuggington & Raa Raa! / Morning needs: red velvet cupcake & Teen Vogue

His, hers & baby's Converse sneakers / First MAC purchase! In love *love heart eyes* / His, hers & baby's calendars / Am obsessed with these clog wedges

Home is where the heart is, but for me, my vanity is where my heart lies / Cinderella's my favourite / Watching The Hills with my laptop but also while playing around with my new (but free) eyeshadow palette / Beautiful breeze coming in through my window

Kardashians are definitely my guilty pleasure / Topshop purchases / Been ages since I watched HIMYM! / Blawggin'

This is too gorgeous / I'm obsessed with the Snapette app! / Badly need this. Why you gotta be $45? / Wearing my converse for the first time with a floral skirt!

Went out to get some lunch! Mmm, Oporto! / We're cute with our matching Converse / Yay! Finally got the laptop support from Ikea! / Organizing my clothing rack with some of my new & fave Autumn pieces

Laptop, journal writing & Topshop's magazine / Catching up on Stilababe09 videos / Watching Just My Luck while munching on juicy seedless grapes / Chocolate mud n mousse cake for brekkie, oopsie

Lovable zebra print bra, so comfy! / My magazine collection, wow I love / Vanity and my closet / Rented Mary-Kate & Ashley dvds! Childhood faves for sure

Room renovation, complete! I'm in love! / Out shopping with mumma bear / Replica of Charlotte Olympia kitten flats, so cute! / Dolly magazine's basics makeup kit

Went out for dinner & dessert with mum / Valleygirl haul / Fashion reads for the day / This view though..

Kate Hill has the most gorgeous bags ever! / Good morning!! / The two gorgeous Kate Hill bags mum and I are sharing / Can't believe I got Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series for $10 instead of $45!

Delicious sweet treats from The Cake Shop / I really did buy a tutu from Target! / The Collette Dinnigan tag on my tutu! / New in shoes

Roast pork with baked veggies and salad for dinner, yummy! / Makeup haul / Carrie Bradshaw is a genius / Swatching my new lippies

Made strawberry shakes / Breakfast waffles / My place of inspiration / Round 2 waffles with vanilla ice cream

Getting a bit Ariana Grande obsessed, put a bow in my pony tail / Working on the inspiration book / If you like it then put a bow on it / Taking selfies on the boyfriend's new iPhone 5

Watching old eps of Victorious with my little man in bed / Shooting for the blog! / Wearing my heart trim socks to keep my warm while watching some TV / So excited to be going to America next year! Miss my family over there!

I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately / Need Stila glosses in my life / *insert irrelevant song lyric here* / Have a free makeover at The Body Shop thanks to babe!

Tonight's face / Me and my girls, love them endlessly! / My boy is looking extremely handsome. Thank goodness he's all mine! / Bed is sooo comfy, good night!

Josh Duhamel for KCAs host, yes please!!! / 2 days in to having them painted and they already are chipped, ah, mum life! / Cherry print pj top with pink stripe pj shorts / Love this quote!

Monday inspiration / Chanel / My iPhone case collection / Free samples I found in my drawers from Benefit Cosmetics

Baby copying mummy going through my clothing rack / Working on the inspiration book / What I do with unwanted scraps / Day made! Finally came in the mail! Fave show!!!

Vintage Photo Finds / Outfit inspiration / My lippie collection, will be on the blog soon! / Went through my box of old photos. Look how gorgeous my mumma was!

Good Friday lunch / Birds eye view of my vanity / Outfits from my Instagram Journal feature / Deeeelcious red velvet cupcakes

Good Friday dinner: soft shell crab, calamari rings with fries and a side salad / Lizzie McGuire episodes!!! / Happy Easter, lovelies!


Weekly Wishlist: March 31 - April 6

This week's wishlist is cosmetic organizers! I truly fancy gorgeous interior decorations and room inspirations. Many of them involve perfect organization solutions which is a fantastic idea, and since I'm currently on the look out for some makeup storage, I figured I'd base this entire week's wishlist on some items I'm currently deciding over. My only problem? Lack of cash AND wishing I had enough space on my vanity to place all of these.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. The Makeup Box Shop Flip Top Glamour Box. I saw a makeup storage drawer on one of my favourite Instagrammers' page and immediately fell in love. It was slightly different from this one that I've picked out. This one is so gorgeous and I love the fact that it's transparent! It has a flip top lid on top of the storage, so you can either leave it open and let some of your cosmetics stand, or close it down and keep everything stored in perfect condition.
  2. Models Prefer Makeup & Brush Organizer. I know it says "makeup" but I'm pretty sure it's just a brush organizer. I currently have my brushes in a clear glass cup which has a ribbon tied around it. As I'm thinking of building my makeup brush collection to become a kit (as I'm trying to educate myself a bit more on the arts of makeup), I know I'll need a bigger storage for my brushes. This looks rather reasonable and as for the price, it's quite amazing.
  3. Models Prefer Lipstick Organizer. As an avid lipstick collector, this organizer is a must-have. Although this organizer only carries 12 lippies, it gives me a chance to easily reach my favourites when in need. I always see lipstick storages all over my feed on Instagram and Tumblr, and I've wanted one ever since I found it difficult to reach for my favourite lipstick everytime I had an event planned. Fairly priced and just the right fit for my vanity. Perfect!
  4. The Makeup Box Shop Mirrored Tray. I don't have a large perfume collection, and this seems entirely irrelevant but I could honestly say that I have wanted the perfect display tray for so long. Once I got my vanity for Christmas from my boyfriend, I was immediately on the lookout for a tray to put my perfume and makeup on. Everyday essentials: makeup, perfume and hair products. I'm looking for a more vintage and classy tray, but I am also loving this mirrored tray, because it gives a sense of elegance but also a modern feel.
  5. Models Prefer Ultimate Cosmetic Organizer. After the glamour box, this is the second must-have I definitely need. Seeing as it's titled "ultimate cosmetic organizer", it's another perfect storage option. It has multiple spaces for different items and products, and again, so totally inexpensive. I don't know why I haven't gotten my hands on these quite yet. Heading my Priceline store as soon as I can!
  6. Models Prefer Stackable Organizer. Another must-have for me. I only really wish my vanity was big enough to fit all of this. I could deport my laptop somewhere else, though, where? But anyway, this stackable organizer doesn't seem like it would take up all that much space, to be honest. I'm not sure if I would put makeup in this or nail polish. Maybe even other makeup necessities like sponges, etc.
If you know of any other wonderful makeup organizers, please leave the name of it or the link below and I'd be super thrilled to check it out!

Love from,


Celebrity Dress-Ups: Rachel Bilson

What I'm Wearing:
Vest: Cotton On
Skirt: Valleygirl
Jacket: Jay Jays
Boots: Rubi Shoes
Bag: Kate Hill
Sunglasses: Cotton On

What Makeup I'm Wearing:
Benefit Cosmetics That Gal Brightening Face Primer
Maybelline FIT ME in 220
Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Cheek & Eye Shimmer
Beauty Attitutde Jumbo Lipstick Pencil in Dragon
Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon in Macaron

New feature calls for new background! Well, it's a tester anyway. I've been pretty obsessed with reflected shots as of late, so I thought this was pretty relevant. I think either sticking to a blank white wall for outfit posts when I don't have the time to take photos outdoors will have to be the winner, I just couldn't help but brag about how much I love my room right now.

We all know Rachel Bilson from her role as Summer Roberts in the heavy drama TV series, The O.C. But what some of us forget is that she's a wonderful style icon. Petite as she is, her style is easily relatable for someone like me. She has the edgy but sweet look going for her, and she wears it well.

In this post, I re-created her look with my own items, and you certainly can too! She uses a lot of basic pieces but turns them into something that's ultra comfortable and so cute to look at.

My favourite item of the whole look would have to be the floral skirt. If it weren't apart of the look, I probably wouldn't have fancied it as much as I do. It just gives it that much of a feminine vibe. Although her skirt is actually black and not denim, I think any floral skirt would be perfectly incorporated into this look.

As for beauty, Rachel wears a nude lip with a fresh face considering she's hiding those beautiful eyes behind a pair of sunnies, Clearly she's going for a natural look. So I still did my normal routine, I basically skipped on my eye makeup considering I had the sunnies to hide my eyes. Although instead of a nude lip, I wanted to go a little bold to kind of makeup for the eyes being hidden and focus on my lips. I went for a natural but bright red lip using Beauty Attitude's jumbo lipstick pencil in dragon, and coated it with Face of Australia's sheer gloss lip crayon in macaron to give it a bit of moist and keep it a bit more glossy than matte.

Please don't be afraid to comment! I love reading them and I always reply!

Love from,