Weekly Wishlist: March 3 - March 9

My, my. Two blog posts in the span of two days. I must finally be freeing up some time for myself to blog. Well, in my defense, there's nothing more comforting than putting together a wishlist of items you adore for the moment. As Autumn had just started a few days ago, (and I'm so excited for the colder weather, by the way!) I knew I had to jump online and create a wishlist of some necessities for the beginning of my favourite season.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Wildfox Couture 'Ride to Mall' Baggy Beach Jumper. I've been waiting for Autumn to drop so that I could add sweaters from Wildfox Couture to my wishlists. As a shopaholic myself and someone who still doesn't have her license, this sweater was just so cute and I couldn't not put it on my wishlist for Autumn. Simple cute sweaters are perfect to slap on during the cold days. This sweater also just reminds me so much of the film Clueless. Not sure why, maybe it's the font.
  2. Wildfox Couture 'Rather be Shopping' Baggy Beach Jumper. Another relevant sweater that needs to be added to my closet immediately. Shopping is my sport, so when I'm not shopping, I would rather be shopping. Of course not enough money is ever supplied to keep you shopping 24/7, unless you have the job as a buyer, then you are so lucky and I'm really jealous of you.
  3. Tokito Trench Coat in Black. The other day, my mum took us to the city to do some shopping that she'd promised us months and months ago. I picked up some fashion apparel, a bunch of shoes, and finally, a Chanel lippie and a MAC lippie! But anyway, we were in Myer and she made me try on this gorgeous Lipsy coat. It felt amazing, and looked incredible. I didn't end up buying it, but I badly need/want one for Winter. So, this is the Tokito trench coat in black. I'm not sure whether I want a black one or a tan one, but right now, this one is catching my eye pretty well!
  4. Face of Australia High Definition Eyebrow Kit. I've heard such good things about this kit. I've read reviews, and seeing as I love the brand itself, I really want to go try this out. I don't normally fill in my eyebrows seeing as they're already pretty thick and full, and also, because I have no clue how to fill them in properly without looking like a cross-dresser, but this would be the perfect kit to start off with. I'm pretty upset every time I go to get them, they're out of stock! Hoping they're in this week and everyone's already got them so that there'll be at least one for me.
  5. Forever New Martini Ankle Boot. I've been searching for the perfect booties for Winter, and these just immediately caught my eye. They're truly simple but so classic. Easy to style, and easy for slip-on-and-go. I've currently got a pair of booties, but they're so glam, covered in silver glitter, so I want a more versatile pair and Forever New make everything so perfectly.
  6. Princess Polly Boot Bow. These remind me so much of Vivienne Westwood shoes. But ever since I discovered Princess Polly a couple weeks ago, I've loved almost everything they have in store and online. But these boots are something I definitely need to find myself and invest in. They're so cute, and they just totally scream out me! A perfect Winter bootie for when I don't feel like wearing booties with heels, and just a casual outfit with the cutest boots ever. Don't pretend like you don't think they're so cute because I am obsessed!
Speaking of wishes, whilst I've been out shopping, I find so many things I would love to add to my giveaway for when I hit 100 followers. Hopefully that's sooner rather than later, but either way, I'd be ever so grateful for everything you guys have done for me, and time and time again, I tell you, I'm super pleased with all of your love and support. So keep sharing, keep commenting, and keep spreading that love because I really do appreciate every single one of you! I promise to stay honest and truthful as much as I can.

Love you guys!

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