Weekly Wishlist: March 24 - March 30

Well this wishlist seems to be jam-packed! I guess my constant need for pretty things is consistently growing, and these weekly wishlists are becoming the best of me by allowing me to keep a shopping list, basically. Really good for those days when I'm in 'impulse buyer' mode.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Paper Crown London Coat. As the colder seasons approach us (rather slowly, I might add), I've been on the search for the perfect coat. I outgrew the one I've had since I was 13, so I figured it was time I bought a new one. Personally, I am smitten with Lauren Conrad's line Paper Crown and when I saw this coat in her A/W lookbook, I knew I had to have it. Thing is, they don't ship to Australia and honestly, the sale price for this coat is AMAZING. I so wish they did because I would scoop this up in a heartbeat.
  2. Peter Alexander Special Chiffon Cami Set. I love pyjamas and this basically depicts what I sleep in. It would be perfect for me because it's chiffon and it's so cute. It looks so soft and super comfortable to sleep in.
  3. Peter Alexander Pretty Girl Sweater. I know PA's clothing wear is solely based around sleeping but I think you could agree with me that majority of their apparel could definitely be worn out because they're so cute to just keep at home in bed. For example, this sweater, I would totally wear this out during A/W. I just can't imagine people wearing this soft and pretty sweater to bed every night when it could be shown to the world.
  4. Jelly Beans Jelly Sandals. I love these sandals. They are so so so cute! Bringin' the 90's back to our feet! Only problem is, I cannot decide which ones I want. I honestly wish I could have all of these shades because they are perfect. Not much of a fan of the clear ones, but I do love me some sparkle ones. Except I'm also loving the black, blue, red and pink ones so this is becoming a big problem for me. I'm hoping to buy a pair before I start college next month because I know I'd be using these A LOT.
  5. Australis Face & Body Tint and Pout Paste Lip Stains. These are their latest new products. I'm assuming they're limited editions, but here's to hoping they'll stay for a long long time. The face & body foundation is kind of a dupe of MAC's all over face and body foundation tint with the product in and of itself and also the packaging is very very similar. Either way, I've always been supportive of Australian brands and so I'm willing to give this a chance and try it out and see if I like it as much as I'm thinking I would. From what I've seen in pictures, these lip stains are definitely richly pigmented which is exactly what you want with a lip stain. The lip stains come in three shades: Berry Nice Kiss, Love Bites, and Pash Me Pink. Personally, I think I need all of them. I mean, just saying.
  6. Cotton On Body Lace Triangle Bra. This image is not mine!!!!!! But I found this on Tumblr and since I can't find any images of this bra on their website, I thought I'd use this stranger's image to show you what is number 6 on my wishlist. So I repeat, this is not my image and full credits go to the person who owns this image. Moving on. I currently have the pink one, and I have got to admit, I totally love it. It's so comfortable and freeing and breezy (mind you, this is a big TMI moment), but it's also really really cute. So I'm looking forward to buying more, only problem is my local store is constantly sold out of these bras, and it's not like I'm going to travel an hour away to buy these. So hopefully when I start college in Surry Hills, I'll find a store that is fully stocked with every single colour of the rainbow because these are massive staples in my closet.
Again, just before the week ended, I'm proud to have managed to put together a wishlist for the week.
I'd love to know what you're lusting over this week?!
Love from,

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