Weekly Wishlist: March 17 - March 23

Unlike my usual Weekly Wishlists, this week's is a tad different. I've been working on my 2012 inspiration book this week (you can find my 2010/2011 inspiration book photos right here) and as it's another one of my creative outlets, I can surely agree that these books would be incredible additions to my creative outlet. I don't commence fashion college until April 22, so I have a whole month to get organized, but also stay busy and stay inspired. If you were to look at me in real life, you'd contemplate on whether I really am turning 20, or if I'm actually a 12 year old. Yes, that's how young and short I am. I could possibly pass off as a 9 year old since I'm so tiny, so seeing as I'll consider myself as that young for now, these books are what every 10 year old aspiring fashionista would want.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. My Wonderful World of Fashion. I've wanted this book ever since I first saw it on Tumblr. It's a book with incredible illustrations that encourages creativity by designing or colouring. I really want this just because who wouldn't want to colour fashion illustrations and create your own unique designs and what not?
  2. My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion. This is a continuation of My Wonderful World of Fashion with an extended amount of illustrations to colour and design. Apparently it's got more of vintage apparel, but I'm not too sure. Sounds fun though! Nina Chakrabarti is an amazing illustrator!
  3. The Fashion Colouring Book. The title basically explains itself. It's a fashion colouring book with black and white illustrations for you to creatively design and colour in to.
  4. Sticker Fashionista. I love this book! I bought this book for my fellow fashion blogger/friend/cousin-in-law, Bethany for Christmas and I honestly wanted to keep it for myself. Kelly Smith is an astounding illustrator because the details in the images are just wonderful. This book is a lot like playing paper doll dress-ups except with stickers and with trendy and chic apparel.
  5. The Vintage Fashion Journal. Another book with extremely artistic and wonderful illustrations. Not only does it have beautiful illustrations, you have pages and pages and pages to fill it in with your own creations and doodles. It's perfect for the freelance artist, but for me, it's a pretty book to keep inspired. I want to learn how to draw, so this could be the book to lead me to becoming a decent drawer.
  6. DIY Fashionista. I saw this in a Cleo magazine two months ago, and knew I had to have it. It's so helpful for women who want to recreate looks in a creative form. Turning an old shirt into a glam new one is a lot to be happy about when you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have it in your closet. I want to be able to do more DIY features so this would be a fun book to learn from and go by.
I'm so excited to start at The Fashion Institute in a month, and I'm so glad my dreams are finally coming true. One of them being able to attend a fashion school for college. I probably wouldn't want the course to ever end considering I know it's gonna be a fantastic experience, but it's important to move on and take all of the knowledge I gain from it to push me further towards my dreams. Life is excellent, and I couldn't feel more blessed with everything I have.

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