Vintage Photo Finds

I decided to dig into my removable hard-drive and check out some stuff I have stored in there for a year or two now. Before I had Heart, Style & Grace, I had a personal blog Danicurrr and then I had an attempted style blog Breakfast with D, and I managed to find some of my favourite snippets from those blogs. Just photography, or some 'new in' style posts. I thought I'd share them since I'm quite proud of them and besides, the quality is amazing on my other camera!!!!!

Classy bracelets. Sold these a while back when I opened up my second hand online shop.

Still own this very pretty vintage ring! Think my fingers have shrunk because now this ring is too big.

Chanel earrings I got for my birthday during consecutive years.

Loved this iPhone case: a girl shopping in Paris!

I wish I'd picked up this kit three years ago when I first saw it!

Cath Kidston at Target *love heart eyes*

Cath Kidston soaps

Lacquer and fashion mag at Target

Pretty things

Crafty crafty

2011 everyday necessities

Ultimate bible

My first ever makeup purchases. Was so sad that I ran out of these so soon.

Haul haul haul!

My old camera. It's pink!

Disney Princess earrings at Diva

Two classics: a bow ring and some medium-sized pearl earrings

My magazine collection in its building moments

Love this nail colour. Wore this so much during 2010!

Makeup bags that I turned into pencil cases for my stationery

Heart shaped clock ring from Diva
A set of girly earrings from Lovisa

Graphic notebooks from Typo

My growing SHOP magazine collection back then

Pink bow earrings

An old "what's in my bag" photo

Compact mirror, coin purse and chic wallet. This was my wallet for such a long time!

A cute black satchel bag

Taking Lauren Conrad Style everywhere with me in my new satchel bag

Some girly inspiration while I was blogging

My cute pink tiny notebook laptop

Beige lace shorts I wore for so long until it lost a button

Photos of the boyfriend and I from when we were first going out and in that honeymoon stage

Another haul!

Polka dot craft paper in my inspiration book

My over-flowing yet "I-have-nothing-to-wear" closet

Cute lace and floral crop tops

Mini haul: two new fash mags & my fave pair of sunnies back then


For quirky images and articles, Frankie magazine is your go-to guide

Sportsgirl makeup

This was my Company magazine collection at the time. Cute right?

Without even letting a second go by to think about it, I bought Lauren Conrad's Cleo cover in a heartbeat

When my iPhone 4 was brand new

And I was obsessed with constantly changing the wallpapers

Swatching new makeup

My tiny little makeup collection in 2010 (or 2011, I don't even remember anymore)

Essentials bought for $2ea

Love Mode Cosmetics and the fact I got all this for $2 was amazing!!


New teen reads

Copied a sketch of the Mulberry bag and did better than expected

Would actually love this chair for my vanity but this was IKEA 2010/2011? *insert sad face*

Accessorize well with these simple staples

My pretty glitter-y pink phone case

Ally Fashion, my love

Birthday month of SHOP magazine was an online special, oh dearrrrrrrr

Perfect read to put together my closet, thank you Ferielle!!!!!! (18th birthday present)

Nicole Richie is perfect. She totally looks pretty in pink!

Darn blurry photos but Fashion Weekend Sydney catwalk show was incredible as it was my first ever show to watch!

Pretty patterns

Black pumps are a staple for every girl's collection

Loved this Company cover!!!

For pattern making. The illustrations are super cute though!

Clearly, I love taking photos of pretty things, but I hope you guys liked this post because I really love these images and was pretty bummed I deleted them from my old blog. But anyway, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Love from,

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