OOTD: Crochet, Crochet

Top: Temt
Shorts: Cotton On Body
Shoes: Girl Express
Watch: Valleygirl
Ring: Valleygirl
Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman

A long awaited Outfit of the Day post on this fine Sunday morning. This was during mid-February and it's already the first couple of days of March. I post my outfits on Instagram every time I go out, so if you want regular outfits, head on over to my Instagram, and follow me! I'll still post them here on my Instagram Journal feature. I really actually want to try to post my outfits every day on the blog and make it as regular as I can, but scenery is so difficult to find around here and it takes so much time for me to get a good photo of my outfit, so you'll most likely find my pink front door of our house as my scenery the maybe the majority of the time, and some naff photos as I try to get some better ones.
I loved this outfit during really hot days and the comfort levels just went through the roof. Seeing as the top was a very thin material of cotton, and the shorts were crochet, it fit perfectly and it made it possible for you to feel the breeze instead of sweating tremendously. I found this to be a simple Summer outfit and I'd be guilty of outfit repeating this throughout the season!
Beauty tip: If you're hair is already rather wavy, just put your hair up into a ponytail to complete this look on an extremely hot day. Also, instead of a pink lip, you can try a coral/orange lip to give it a better vibe of the season.
Style tip: Add a few more bangles and bracelets if you're going shopping or to lunch with some girlfriends.

*Images were photographed by Henry Escandor*
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