Fashion Inspiration Book 2010/2011

As an almost twenty year old girl who's long term goal is to find a career in fashion magazines, I tend to have a massive pile of fashion magazines built up from throughout the year. So instead of letting them collect dust, I prefer to rip out my favourite pages and store them into binders for when I'm looking for inspiration, and at the same time, I like cutting out snippets of shoes, clothes and make-up, and collage them into a book to give me a bit of a release when I'm feeling creative and it's a fantastic way for me to find inspiration.
So last year, I finally completed my 2010/2011 inspiration book. It's rough, but it's a fine line on what I really love and where I gain a lot of inspiration. As you can tell, I prefer girly, feminine and romantic materials and pieces. I think classic is so much better than trendy, but it never ever hurts to try trendy from time to time. It's really important to stay true to what you like, but it's always fun to enjoy trying out new things. I'm someone who prefers to stick to what I know I like. I'm not one who's comfortable of stepping out of that tiny little box I put myself in, but I am trying to get out, one step at a time and kind of explore at what I like.

It doesn't seem like much and it's nothing extravagant, but I'm really proud of it and it serves it purpose at inspiring me when I need to be inspired.

Hope you like the photos of my inspiration book, and I am off to work on my 2012 one right now!
Love you guys!

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