Weekly Wishlist: February 3 - February 9


Hi lovelies!
I have been obsessing and obsessing over re-furnishing our room like crazy lately. Blame the home decor inspiration blogs I've been following and the pretty little Instagrams I've been following as of recent. They're all screaming at me to pursue my lust for more gorgeous furniture. Our room's the second biggest bedroom in the house, so I know I should be grateful for it and turn it into a beautiful space that, sadly, I would never want to leave, but on the plus side, would absolutely LOVE to come home to after every long day.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Ikea Brada Laptop Support. I've wanted this ever since I saw it on Melody Josie's Instagram. I swear, I love her Instagram! But anyway, I knew immediately I had to have this laptop table because I'm constantly having to use a pillow or my legs to lean my laptop on and that's no good. It'll heat up and possibly get destroyed and that's clearly not okay. So as soon as we take a trip to our local Ikea (which is a 40 minute drive, by the way), I am totally shoving this in that massive Ikea bag.
  2. Dick Smith 23.5" Full HD LED LCD TV with DVD Player. I've been lusting over a white TV ever since I saw it on Paige Balderson's Instagram. Her room is lovely and so pristine. I've been wanting a new TV for so long now, to be honest. I'm not being ungrateful or anything, but this TV has been causing problems, with these odd green/purple spots from time to time, and it's getting frustrating. Plus it's as large as a massive moving box. It's too dangerous to have my son around it at times, especially since he's so playful and everything. My boyfriend isn't such a fan of this white TV because he really loves the one we have now, but I have my reasons, plus, this white TV is gorgeous. Did I mention that it has a DVD player on the side? Here's to hoping it's multi-region since I have DVDs from the US and the UK.
  3. Fantastic Furniture Soho TV Stand. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a cheap white TV stand for a while now. The one we currently have is on the verge of falling apart. But my boyfriend says he really likes this one and it's rather cheap for such a great stand! Unfortunately, our closest Fantastic Furniture store is almost an hour away, with routes that require major traffic. Hopefully drive up there when it's not so hot and we won't have to rely on the car's A/C. But this is basically our next purchase for our room! (Hopefully he'll warm up to the idea of the white TV.)
  4. Ikea Borje Chair. So right now, my dressing table doesn't have a proper chair to go with it. I'm currently using the pink stool that I got from Ikea. After months of searching, I've settled my decisions unto this particular chair to match our room and my dressing table. I need something to lean on for when I'm blogging, and the cushion on the base of the chair is perfect because I literally spend hours planning blog posts and hours on my butt in front of my laptop. Next trip to Ikea, this is on my list, definitely.
  5. HomeArt Dressing Table. We ordered this back in November, hoping it would come in before Christmas, but it didn't arrive until two days ago, and I actually just picked it up this morning, and my boyfriend put it together for me whilst I cooked our lunch. It's his Christmas present to me, which is amazing because I love it so much and have wanted a vanity for sooooo long. I will be posting up photos of it up in my room tomorrow. So watch out for that.
  6. Ikea Mulig Clothes Rack. Thank goodness we moved our room around and got rid of unnecessary equipment and storage, because now I have room for a perfect clothes rack to hang new in pieces, or some of my favourite pieces as of late. I'm just waiting until we head over to our local Ikea and until we get the other corner of our room fixed up, this will definitely be put up immediately. I've always wanted a clothes rack, but I just never ever had the room for it. But after clearing out some unnecessary junk and trash that I managed to hoard over the last couple of years, it appeared that I did have enough room for a perfect fitting clothes rack.
I love how supportive my boyfriend is of my dreams and of stuff I like to get to decorate our room. It looks really girly right now, but he really doesn't mind because he knows how happy it makes me. Best boyfriend or what?
Unfortunately, we may be moving in a couple of months, or in a year's time. It's sad because I really love our home right now. It's comfortable, safe and large enough for all of us to fit in and not feel suffocated. Hopefully we can stay for a couple more years. I'm only just getting the hang of this room, and I'm not about to leave it just yet. Or at least, hopefully we find a home that is the perfect size for us and has the perfect bedrooms.

Don't worry guys, I will pursue each and every one of these to become a part of my room by the end of 2013.
Love from,

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