Instagram Journal: Trinkets, Jewels & Pretty Things

Monthlies are only okay if you have necessities this cute / Loafers are my love / My cute bathing suit / Frozen yoghurt

Miu Miu inspired heels / Cute Summer pyjama shorts / *not my image* QUOTE / Finally sewn my floral pants

Fave part of my desk / New pastel texters / Teen Mom all day every day! / Still need to pick up a MAC lippy

Still applying for jobs: someone hire me! *sad face* / $$$$ / I love Grace Taylor's stationery! / Need this canvas in my room

Floral skirt with my faux Casio watch / A rainy, cold night means slapping myself in front of my laptop & watching movies / Too much chiffon and pink? No way! / Journal writing

Took me 2 weeks to put away my purchases / Lovelovelove The Carrie Diaries!! / Boyfriend does my makeup tag video is up on my YouTube: youtube.com/danicurrr / This was a successful necessities shopping day!

Miss Shop are incredible for creating a beauty line. In love! / Blogging blogging blogging, gotta love it / In my pyjama shorts to watch Gossip Girl all day / Work station

Cotton On Body, my love / Reading / Too much clutter on my desk / Going out to my dentist appointment with the boy

Details / 73 month anniversary with this amazing guy / Pastel nail polish by Revlon / Bubble baths are so soothing

Cosy day, cosy journal writing / Catching up on blogs / Mom bought me a cute pair of floral leggings that look just like Cath Kidston / Fashion inspiration scrabooking while watching The Hills from the beginning

*not my image* Fave fashion quote! / Found my cute notebook laptop while cleaning our room / The names of my polishes that I recently purchased / I am in lurve with this journal!

Being in the passenger side is my job / *not my image* hashtag, truth / One clock, three wristbands / The Hills season two while organizing my blog book

Bubble baths when I'm home alone / These gorgeous shorts my mom got me are my love / My little guy's OOTD / Olivia palermo, you babe of a style icon

Does anyone else think I have a massive magazine collection? / Red velvet cupcakes are soooo good! / Warm nights call for knickers-only / Pretty much

*not my image* Seriously. Do it. Now. / A cold day calls for finally being able to wear these cute home slippers / Banana and choc chip muffins, mmm / Doing my nails today!

After two hours of attempting to curl my hair into loose curls, success arrives but only onto one side / What it looks like in a ponytail / What a mess! This is what it looks like when I'm blogging and planning outfits / I love this quote!

Frozen yoghurt run with babe! / I am absolutely in love with my new wallet! / You know it was a successful shopping trip when you come back with a full bag from Priceline / These scissors are super duper cute!

Why are my legs three tones of tan? Odd. / Love our new bedding and pillows!

Love you guys!


  1. Finally had a chance to have a peruse of your beautiful blog! I adore this post - how adorable and girly are you? I'm pretty certain we have an affinity for the same things ... haha.

    Have a gorgeous week, pretty lady!

    <3 Mandy xx

    1. Oh my, can I just fan-girl right now?
      Thank you so much, Mandy! You are such an incredible person!
      Some people think my girly-ness is rather boring. I beg to differ, though!
      You have an amazing week too!

  2. love these photos, they're so colorful hah x


    1. Oh haha thank you! I thought they seemed to circulate on one colour only.
      Your pictures are lovely! Love the photoshopping you do and how you create the background for your outfits. So clever and creative!


  3. Great photos lovely xx