Weekly Wishlist: February 17 - February 23

Hi dolls! After unintentionally forgetting about doing my Weekly Wishlist last week, I made sure to make myself available to create one this week. Although I am consistently called out 'mummy! Mummy!' every two minutes by my three and a half year old son, I'm sure I'll eventually get this post together. I actually just found out that I will be heading overseas to New Jersey/New York/America next Spring for my cousin's gorgeous wedding as a maid of honor, and I could not be more honored or more thrilled! I am so excited, and although it's 18 months away, I'm just really delirious about finally seeing all of my family over there after years and years of not being able to hug them or talk face-to-face with them. Even though I'm saving up for fashion college right now, I'm going to have to throw in 'saving for America' into that big ol' pot, and guess what guys? More wishlists! Considering I'll most likely do massive shopping trips while I'm over there.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. As a strong lover of Revlon's Lip Butters, (which I need every single colour in my make-up collection, thanks), I tested out the chunky balm stains the other day and immediately began my infatuation. I went on the Priceline website to get these images, and there's ten. I don't know if that's all of them, to be honest, but of course, I only ever really buy my cosmetic products from Priceline. They always have fantastic deals, specials and offers with a lot of drug store brands. The balm stains' names in order are: Adore, Charm, Cherish, Darling, Honey, Lovesick, Precious, Romantic, Smitten, and Sweetheart. Just like the Lip Butters, I want every single one of these colours in my collection. I've just gotta!
  2. Real Techniques Brush Kits. When I first started blogging, a lot of the blogs I followed were british or american, obviously, and a lot of them used Real Techniques brushes, and once I'd given make-up a shot, I knew immediately that I had to have a magnificent brush collection and what better than Real Techniques, right? So, I'm super glad that my favourite place to get my make-up has finally brought these in and are so much easier for me to go out and buy. There are currently three kits: (in order of image) On Location: Travel Essentials Brush Kit, Your Base/Flawless Core Collection, and Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set (according to the Priceline website.)
  3. Dotti Classic Clog. If you follow me on Twitter (@danicasarza), you've probably heard me say that I need a pair of clogs in my life, because I really do. I remember seeing them at Rubi Shoes a while ago, but obviously they're gone by now, so I was so happy to find these on the Dotti website. They're super cute and so versatile, especially for someone like me who wants to wear heels, but can barely last 2 hours in them.
  4. Miss Shop Daisy Chain Multi Gem Necklace. My obsession with gem stone and diamante necklaces continue. They're such a statement, and can honestly make a simple outfit so trendy and chic. Miss Shop is one of my favourite brands for chic apparel, but I never noticed their accessories collection until now, and wow, they are gorgeous!
  5. Ladkah Floral Mirage Tee. I love floral, and I love the mirror effect. What more is there to say? The colours mash so well together, but then the simplistic structure of the top reeled me in, too. I just wish there was a size to fit me, because I know a size 6 of this top would feel like a 10 or 12 on me. Being petite stinks sometimes.
  6. Tokito Pussy Bow Collarless Shirt. I use to have a top just like this; pussy bow, ivory/white, and sleeveless, but I gave it away a while ago, when I cleaned out my closet. Now I'm regretting it, and wanting more pussy bow tops, especially for Autumn/Winter because the colours that they come in during the season is the perfect reason as to why. They're so simple, yet trendy. That's what I looooove so much!
Love from,


OOTD: Classy Classics

Top: Ally Fashion
Skirt: ?
Sandals: Top Girl
Belt: Blue jade
Necklace: eQUIP Accessories
Ring: Diva
Watch: Dotti
Bag: Faux Chanel

Hi lovelies! This is definitely an outfit that showcases a lot of things I love: skater skirts, lace and the classic Chanel. I took this photo before I figured out how to properly curl my hair, but I definitely think this outfit would have looked extra cute with loose curls.

Since this outfit is more of a black and white theme, the pop of red on the lips was a perfect contrast.
This outfit would be really glam for a night out with a pair of heels, but I decided to go for a pair of sandals (which got thrown out, by the way, when we cleaned out the shoe closet) but since it's Summer, it gave it a really Summer feel. To transfer this outfit in an Autumn/Winter look, add some opaque tights, a cropped blazer and a patterned scarf.

I'm not sure now whether I should have text on my Outfit of the Days, or if you would just prefer more pictures and just where I got each item from.
What do you guys think?
Love from,


Style Tip: Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Top: Paper Scissors
Shorts: Valleygirl
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: Diva
Earrings: eQUIP
Ring: eQUIP
Watch: Diva

Option number one: Date night with the boyfriend
If you have a special someone on February 14th, then this cute little outfit is for you.
I love the flowy top for date nights, because it just makes your outfit look extra glam.
This outfit is dedicated to the girls who have a significant other.
Style tip: add a cute handbag to finish off the look.
Beauty tip: curl your hair into loose curls, and bring it up into a ponytail. Show off that top, and it'll be much easier to give your special someone a nice kiss.

Top: Ally Fashion
Pants: Chicabooti
Boots: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: eQUIP
Earrings: Lovisa
Ring: Diva
Bracelet: Diva
Watch: Pulsar

Option number two: Shopping day with the girlfriends
If you don't have a significant other this Valentine's, it's all good, as long as you've got a few of your closest girlfriends, then go out and have a fab day spending money and spoiling yourself at your Valentine's shopping day.
Considering it seems like it's going to be a gloomy and cold Valentine's, take those glitter boots out, and have some fun with them! Perfect to bring them around your girlfriends and admire them together.
This outfit is dedicated to the girls who have amazing girlfriends to spend heart day with.
Style tip: add a large handbag to be able to store all your necessary shopping needs.
Beauty tip: curl your gorgeous locks and let them fall beside your face.

Top: Valleygirl
Skirt: Supre
Shoes: ?
Necklace: Diva
Earrings: Chanel
Ring: Lovisa
Bracelet: Valleygirl
Watch: Diva

Option number three: Lunch date with your mom
Valentine's isn't just about your boyfriend or your girl friends, it's about anyone you really love. And who would a girl love more than her own mother/father? Although since most fathers work during the day, you could still inherit this outfit into a nice dinner date with your dad if he has nothing planned with your mom. But I think this would be very suitable for a lunch date with your mom.
This outfit is dedicated to the girls who appreciate their parents as much as I appreciate mine, even if they do get on your nerves quite a lot!
Style tip: add a cross-body bag to this outfit to carry your lipgloss, phone and a small purse.
Beauty tip: Place your hair into a top knot bun to sit on your head, and keep hair out of your face while you're eating.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and like my tips. I was requested to do a post like this a few times, so I figured, why not? Hope this helps and I definitely want to see your Valentine's outfits! So tag me on Twitter (@danicurr) or Instagram (@danicurr).

Love from,


My New Vanity

I decided to store my printer, and a few of my fashion books, magazines & makeup under the vanity

I am absolutely in love with my laptop sticker. It's originally for MacBooks, but I prefer to say, 'why can't other laptops have this much fun, too?'

Stacked from the bottom are: a box of magazine rip-outs for inspiration, a few fashion books, Teen Vogue magazines, my lip palette & my makeup bag full of all of my beauty products.
The second image is of my favourite few from my bed now. I absolutely love it! I have four mirrors now, woah!

The little storage drawer on the left contains my everyday makeup.

The little storage drawer on the right contains my necessities such as: earphones, Vaseline, hair ties, bobby pins and my USBs.

The large storage drawer on the right contains my 2013 journal, blog book, pencil case, Pulsar watch, Forever New mouse, and my camera (which I am using to take a photo.)

The large storage drawer on the left is currently empty. Not sure what I want to store in it quite yet.

My curling iron sits on top of my everyday makeup drawer and right in front of my right side mirror. Doing my hair will be so much easier from now on! Love!

My makeup brushes, hair products and facial moisturiser sit on top of my necessities drawer and right in front of my right side mirror. 

My ultra 'lovely' laptop sits front and centre, of course!

My current stool. Don't worry guys, I have a style and base in mind, and I will be on my way to purchase it ASAP.

What it looks like at sunset. Gorgeous!

Hi sweeties!
I am so excited for this post because I have been waiting months and months to blog about it, and voila, the core subject of this post arrived three days ago, but I didn't get a chance to pick it up until yesterday. I am absolutely in love and so excited to get up to mischief by having fun with my hair and my makeup. It'll all be so much easier when I have three mirrors surrounding me.
Here's a bit of a back-story of how and why it took so long for me to get, because I'm sure, if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you heard me complain a lot about how I wanted it to be in my presence immediately.
My boyfriend purchased it from HomeArt (we actually went half-sies on it) back in November of 2012, and it was ordered to arrive in two weeks. Two weeks passed and it still hadn't arrive. We were told it would arrive after Christmas. No worries. But it quickly became New Years and we still hadn't received a call. So I called up, and they let me know that it would not be in stock until the end of February. I was utterly gutted! But I reminded myself of how lovely and gorgeous it was, the wait became manageable. Not expecting a call until late February, I received a call on Monday telling me that they finally had it in and it was ready for pick-up. I was too busy for the next two days, so I scheduled for pick-up yesterday.
It is absolutely perfect. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was. They have those samples in store, and it was a lot smaller in store, it's incredible. It has that 'new' smell, and it is just pristine. The drawers are perfectly sized, and the centre of the table fits my laptop so perfectly. I am just in awe over how much I love this vanity!
If anyone in Australia is looking for a reasonable priced one, go to HomeArt.com and type in 'dressing table', and this should come up. It's only $179!!!
Love from,


Weekly Wishlist: February 3 - February 9


Hi lovelies!
I have been obsessing and obsessing over re-furnishing our room like crazy lately. Blame the home decor inspiration blogs I've been following and the pretty little Instagrams I've been following as of recent. They're all screaming at me to pursue my lust for more gorgeous furniture. Our room's the second biggest bedroom in the house, so I know I should be grateful for it and turn it into a beautiful space that, sadly, I would never want to leave, but on the plus side, would absolutely LOVE to come home to after every long day.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Ikea Brada Laptop Support. I've wanted this ever since I saw it on Melody Josie's Instagram. I swear, I love her Instagram! But anyway, I knew immediately I had to have this laptop table because I'm constantly having to use a pillow or my legs to lean my laptop on and that's no good. It'll heat up and possibly get destroyed and that's clearly not okay. So as soon as we take a trip to our local Ikea (which is a 40 minute drive, by the way), I am totally shoving this in that massive Ikea bag.
  2. Dick Smith 23.5" Full HD LED LCD TV with DVD Player. I've been lusting over a white TV ever since I saw it on Paige Balderson's Instagram. Her room is lovely and so pristine. I've been wanting a new TV for so long now, to be honest. I'm not being ungrateful or anything, but this TV has been causing problems, with these odd green/purple spots from time to time, and it's getting frustrating. Plus it's as large as a massive moving box. It's too dangerous to have my son around it at times, especially since he's so playful and everything. My boyfriend isn't such a fan of this white TV because he really loves the one we have now, but I have my reasons, plus, this white TV is gorgeous. Did I mention that it has a DVD player on the side? Here's to hoping it's multi-region since I have DVDs from the US and the UK.
  3. Fantastic Furniture Soho TV Stand. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a cheap white TV stand for a while now. The one we currently have is on the verge of falling apart. But my boyfriend says he really likes this one and it's rather cheap for such a great stand! Unfortunately, our closest Fantastic Furniture store is almost an hour away, with routes that require major traffic. Hopefully drive up there when it's not so hot and we won't have to rely on the car's A/C. But this is basically our next purchase for our room! (Hopefully he'll warm up to the idea of the white TV.)
  4. Ikea Borje Chair. So right now, my dressing table doesn't have a proper chair to go with it. I'm currently using the pink stool that I got from Ikea. After months of searching, I've settled my decisions unto this particular chair to match our room and my dressing table. I need something to lean on for when I'm blogging, and the cushion on the base of the chair is perfect because I literally spend hours planning blog posts and hours on my butt in front of my laptop. Next trip to Ikea, this is on my list, definitely.
  5. HomeArt Dressing Table. We ordered this back in November, hoping it would come in before Christmas, but it didn't arrive until two days ago, and I actually just picked it up this morning, and my boyfriend put it together for me whilst I cooked our lunch. It's his Christmas present to me, which is amazing because I love it so much and have wanted a vanity for sooooo long. I will be posting up photos of it up in my room tomorrow. So watch out for that.
  6. Ikea Mulig Clothes Rack. Thank goodness we moved our room around and got rid of unnecessary equipment and storage, because now I have room for a perfect clothes rack to hang new in pieces, or some of my favourite pieces as of late. I'm just waiting until we head over to our local Ikea and until we get the other corner of our room fixed up, this will definitely be put up immediately. I've always wanted a clothes rack, but I just never ever had the room for it. But after clearing out some unnecessary junk and trash that I managed to hoard over the last couple of years, it appeared that I did have enough room for a perfect fitting clothes rack.
I love how supportive my boyfriend is of my dreams and of stuff I like to get to decorate our room. It looks really girly right now, but he really doesn't mind because he knows how happy it makes me. Best boyfriend or what?
Unfortunately, we may be moving in a couple of months, or in a year's time. It's sad because I really love our home right now. It's comfortable, safe and large enough for all of us to fit in and not feel suffocated. Hopefully we can stay for a couple more years. I'm only just getting the hang of this room, and I'm not about to leave it just yet. Or at least, hopefully we find a home that is the perfect size for us and has the perfect bedrooms.

Don't worry guys, I will pursue each and every one of these to become a part of my room by the end of 2013.
Love from,


OOTD: What I Wore to Thrifting

Top: Supre
Pants: Jay Jays
Flats: Temt
Bag: Cotton On
Necklace: Diva
Rose gold bracelet: Diva
Beige/cream bracelet: Sportsgirl
Red wrist bracelet: Girlfriend mag
Ring: Diva
Watch: Dotti

Hi guys!
I went thrifting for the first time sometime at the end of last year with a handful of girlfriends, and we had a total blast. This outfit is what I wore, and how I styled it.
I figured I'd let the outfit do the talking, so this is where my yakking ends.

I will be working on a Valentine's Day outfits ideas post very very soon, so watch out for those!
Your support means the world to me!


Instagram Journal: Trinkets, Jewels & Pretty Things

Monthlies are only okay if you have necessities this cute / Loafers are my love / My cute bathing suit / Frozen yoghurt

Miu Miu inspired heels / Cute Summer pyjama shorts / *not my image* QUOTE / Finally sewn my floral pants

Fave part of my desk / New pastel texters / Teen Mom all day every day! / Still need to pick up a MAC lippy

Still applying for jobs: someone hire me! *sad face* / $$$$ / I love Grace Taylor's stationery! / Need this canvas in my room

Floral skirt with my faux Casio watch / A rainy, cold night means slapping myself in front of my laptop & watching movies / Too much chiffon and pink? No way! / Journal writing

Took me 2 weeks to put away my purchases / Lovelovelove The Carrie Diaries!! / Boyfriend does my makeup tag video is up on my YouTube: youtube.com/danicurrr / This was a successful necessities shopping day!

Miss Shop are incredible for creating a beauty line. In love! / Blogging blogging blogging, gotta love it / In my pyjama shorts to watch Gossip Girl all day / Work station

Cotton On Body, my love / Reading / Too much clutter on my desk / Going out to my dentist appointment with the boy

Details / 73 month anniversary with this amazing guy / Pastel nail polish by Revlon / Bubble baths are so soothing

Cosy day, cosy journal writing / Catching up on blogs / Mom bought me a cute pair of floral leggings that look just like Cath Kidston / Fashion inspiration scrabooking while watching The Hills from the beginning

*not my image* Fave fashion quote! / Found my cute notebook laptop while cleaning our room / The names of my polishes that I recently purchased / I am in lurve with this journal!

Being in the passenger side is my job / *not my image* hashtag, truth / One clock, three wristbands / The Hills season two while organizing my blog book

Bubble baths when I'm home alone / These gorgeous shorts my mom got me are my love / My little guy's OOTD / Olivia palermo, you babe of a style icon

Does anyone else think I have a massive magazine collection? / Red velvet cupcakes are soooo good! / Warm nights call for knickers-only / Pretty much

*not my image* Seriously. Do it. Now. / A cold day calls for finally being able to wear these cute home slippers / Banana and choc chip muffins, mmm / Doing my nails today!

After two hours of attempting to curl my hair into loose curls, success arrives but only onto one side / What it looks like in a ponytail / What a mess! This is what it looks like when I'm blogging and planning outfits / I love this quote!

Frozen yoghurt run with babe! / I am absolutely in love with my new wallet! / You know it was a successful shopping trip when you come back with a full bag from Priceline / These scissors are super duper cute!

Why are my legs three tones of tan? Odd. / Love our new bedding and pillows!

Love you guys!