Weekly Wishlist: January 6 - January 12

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiime! Honestly, I love love love doing these posts. It kind of inspires me in a way, especially for when I go shopping or work on my inspiration book, so I hope you guys love it as much as I do.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Forever 21 Floral Brocade Trouser Shorts. If you were to force me to sit in front of the Forever 21 website and tell me not to put anything in the shopping bag, I would have about $200 worth of items in there in 10 minutes flat. I have a deep affection for pastel so these cream shorts are so fancy and classy that I know I have to have this. Plus, look at that floral design. It's so subtle, yet pretty.
  2. Glassons Pale Mauve Classic Blazer. Yet again, another pastel item. Clearly, I love pastel! I have a white. blazer and hot pink blazer, but I have yet to get my hands on a pastel pink one, so these are ultra perfect!
  3. Rubi Shoes Alice T-Bar Flats. You're probably looking at these and going, "but these are school girl shoes...", yes, it may look that way, but for some reason, I just really want it. I think with the way my style is evolving, it's suiting these.. I don't know. I think they're cute!
  4. Rubi Shoes Dorothy Flats. I couldn't decide on which colour, so I decided on both. Why am I having such an obsession with flats like these?! They're all just so cute!
  5. Forever 21 Floral Cosmetic Brush Set. I'm not sure how soft Forever 21's makeup brushes are, but these were really pretty. Floral design with a background of gold, I have to have it. I feel like all I say is "it's so pretty" but they really are!
  6. Forever 21 Floral Print Georgette Shirt. In one Weekly Wishlist I already have three Forever 21 items, what does that say about me? When I  saw this shirt, I wanted it so bad. I don't think I have anything with that many pink florals on it.. Okay, maybe I do. But this is just so different from everything I have!
*Unfortunately Forever 21's shipping to Australia is so damn pricey, therefore it'll take me a little while to save up for a haul from here.

Well, enjoy!

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