Weekly Wishlist: January 27 - February 2

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiiime! With me trying to save for college right now, (I'm inquiring at The Fashion Institute right now), my wishlist's are going to become bigger and bigger. I try to limit myself to six pieces a wishlist, so that it doesn't become overcrowded. But boy, is it difficult!
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Peter Alexander Sailor Onesie. So this may or may not be a sleeping onesie, but let me not be the first to say that Peter Alexander's collections are so adorable, they can't just be for bed! I would literally take this pretty thing out for a spin during broad daylight. It's too cute to be hidden at home!
  2. Revlon Photoready Cream Blush. I always use powder brushes, so I'm really curious as to how cream blushes work. I've always been curious to try Revlon's cream blushes. The sight of them causes you to immediately reciprocate and halt yourself from ruining the nice finish. I'm one of those hoarders who hold onto pretty packaging and wouldn't touch a new makeup product for the first two months. Seriously.
  3. Forever 21 Colourblocked Canvas Oxfords. I currently have two pairs of brogues right now, but not any oxfords that look anything like this. The gorgeous sky blue pleasantly clashing with the creaminess of the white kind of reminds of you a beautiful sky with a bunch of white fluffy clouds. If I get these, I will be walking on clouds. Literally.
  4. Forever 21 Metallic Strap Sandals in Light Rose. I've been wanting a pair of sandals in this style for quite some time now, but I could never find a pair that I really like. Sydney doesn't have a shortage of sandals in this style, I just can't make up my mind when it comes to choosing one, but these are perrrrrrfect. Lust, lust, lust!
  5. Miss Guided Phoebelle Stripey Asymmetric Blouse in Pink. This top reminds me of candy. I remember when I was little, I use to eat those hard candies in pink and white swirls. Strawberry and cream hard candy swirls, maybe? I don't know, but this reminded me so much of candy like that, and I think it's so cute!
  6. Diva Glam Stone Necklace. I've been having a real fetish for statement necklaces, which include 'the bigger, the better', which also include loads and loads of diamonds. You know that emoticon with the face with hearts as eyes? Insert that right here!
Anything you gals want this week? Leave them in the comments and let me know what you're lusting this week.

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