Weekly Wishlist: January 20 - January 26

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiiiiime! I make sure that I do Weekly Wishlists every Wednesday, I want it to be really regular because, well, it's really regular when I want something, so it works best.
Although, I didn't realize that between my last wishlist and this one, I'd only posted once, so I am terribly sorry. I've been pretty busy with a few things, but I promise this week will consist of more posts since I'm getting my blog book prepared.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Forever 21 Cat eye sweater. I had other Forever 21 items to put in this wishlist, until I came across this and I immediately knew I was immediately in total love. Cat eye sunglasses are such a chic statement right now. Pity I don't have a pair, but I am definitely on my way to getting myself a pair. This top is super cute, and it needs to be in my shopping cart, then in my wardrobe immediately. Grrrrrr, shipping to Australia is unbelievable!
  2. Forever 21 Polka dot wedge sandals in nude/white. Apparently wedges are the best suited heels for me, I don't know though, I'm not too fond of them, until this little number appeared in my life. How cute are they? I'm about 4'9"-5'0", so I'm tiny as a button, and so massive heels might actually work and help me, and these are totally adorable! I love polka dots!
  3. Miss Guided Payton onesie* in pink. *I noticed I made a typo on the image sooooo, sorry!* I've always wanted a onesie and I'm so jealous that my boyfriend bought one and it looks amazing on him. I love this and the fact that it's so cheap is incredible! It's perfect! Definitely going to be purchasing this before it becomes Winter here in Sydney.
  4. Typo 'Fave Things' A5 notebook. I love stationery. I always have. I love collecting them, and back-to-school is always my favourite time. Typo has one of the best stationery, and I'm so glad my closest one is like less than a 10 minute drive. Score! This notebook is possibly the simplest chic thing ever. That print on the cover is possibly one of the best prints I've seen. If that came in a shirt/top, I would buy it in a heartbeat, definitely.
  5. Cotton On Body Lip sorbet in sugarmint. I love Cotton On Body especially for their sleep and loungewear. But I remember seeing this the other day and it smelt incredible. Not sure why I didn't purchase it, so this immediately goes onto my wishlist. I need this asap.
  6. Miss Shop nail polish in disco dan glitter blue. My mom's been obsessed with nail polishes lately, and unfortunately, I am catching on to that fever. I don't have enough glitter polishes, and I am in love with this shade. It reminds me of a snowy winter which is like my favourite thing (even though it doesn't even snow here.) I am lusting over Miss Shop's beauty collection. It's perfect! Too bad the closest Myer to my place doesn't sell it yet, I don't think. Boo!


  1. ohh I love the cat eye sweater and the glitter nail polish.. good taste