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Hi shopaholics!
There's something about retail therapy that makes you feel good about blowing majority of your money. It's no good but the smell of plastic shopping bags, and brand spanking new items is amazing on the nose.
Some of these items were given to me by loved ones, and by loved ones, I mean, my mom. Bless her for having incredible taste.
  1. Cotton On Body has been my ultimate love lately. It's most likely because I am lusting for Winter to arrive, or it could just be because this store is incredible. The online store does not do the store's justice. So when I took a trip there the other day, I picked up three pairs of pastel lace knickers, a love heart pyjama tee, a pair of stripe pyjama shorts, a pair of pastel pink and cream home slipper flats, and a black and white canvas tote bag.
  2. Colette by Colette Hayman has definitely defined itself these past few months. I remember going there two years ago, and was impressed, but I felt like I wanted so much more to happen to it. It use to just be handbags and jewelry. Recently, it's managed to bring in makeup products, candles, perfumes, beauty bags, notebooks, etc etc. and I am utterly in love with it! I picked up a 32 colour lipgloss palette (which is to die-for!!!) and a leather bound book with the logo engraved on the cover in gold and white. I use this book as my blog book; a place for me to write down ideas and plans for future blog posts. I've found it to be so useful and necessary. I feel so much more organized with it.
  3. Valleygirl had finally come out with a sleepwear collection, and I think I died. It was amazing. They had some for every style. Girly, floral, sexy, edgy... So pretty! Unfortunately, it's probably gone by now (well at my local store it is) but I managed to get in before they were let go. The collection is called 'Love to Lounge', and I picked up this cute matching pyjama set. I love the floral pattern and the lace trim. And did I mention that they are super duper soft? Amazingly comfortable for sleeping!
  4. It's a given that everytime I come across a Rubi Shoes at any mall I'm at, I must enter. I just have to. I don't control it. And thank goodness I do, because look at these adorable heels I found. I believe it was fate. It was the last one and in my EXACT size. They seem to be Miu Miu inspired, which is just as great. I can't wait to wear these out, but to where? Then I came across these loafers, and in my exact size too. I only have one other pair, but after wearing those for a while, I knew I had to get another, and it's just lucky that I found these coral loafers for a good price!
  5. I've been meaning to buy some new makeup, I just wasn't sure what I needed. So after carefully going through my beauty bag, I found out that I needed a new pot of concealer and a different shade of liquid eyeliner. I love Australian makeup, so the first brand I looked at was Australis. I'd been eyeing out this pot of concealer for a while, and I figured it was about time I tried it out. I've been fairly impressed with their products in the past, so I'm hoping this concealer pot will keep up the good reputations I stall in my mind. As for the eyeliner, I have a pure black eyeliner by Models Prefer that I currently use. Although, I remember either reading somewhere or watching a beauty guru say that if you want subtle but eye-popping liner for the day, go for a different colour other than black. I decided to go for the brown shade, and I haven't tried it yet, but this is Face of Australia, and again, they haven't let me down at all. Gotta love Priceline!
  6. Chicabooti has some of the stylish clothes in such incredible prices. Perfect for one's personal style. I picked up this mint green top. It's a new high-low top, and the front is chiffon with a sequined pocket. So cute! Once I saw the mint, I knew I had to get it. It's casual but glam, too.
  7. Since it's 2013, I had to head into my Typo store and grab myself my annual journal/day planner. This year, I decided to use my journal to document what happens every single day. Whether it's totally interesting, or drab boring, it's going to be documented and remembered forever. Sometimes it's the little things that make a day so much better, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of my highs and lows of each day.
  8. I admit. I have a severe passion for pastels. Ally Fashion was having a great sale on some of their best pieces, and these were included in them. I love how this palette is in cool tones. I picked up a mint green short sleeve peplum top, a lavender vest peplum top, a sky blue button-up top, and a bright minty green bralette.
  9. These were my favourite buys of all. I walked into Factorie hoping to help out my boyfriend with his shopping of fashion goodies. I ended up wandering over to the girls' side and found a rack full of jeans for only $9.95 each! It was unbelievable. Going through the rack, and expecting the worst because I'm tiny and I figured all the big sizes were left, I found so many pieces in my exact size and I was so glad because the discount was fab! I walked on over to a sale table and found two pairs of shorts in my exact size, again! It must have been my lucky day. The pants are 'ankle grazers' meaning they're suppose to hit just above your ankle, but since I'm a total shorty, they fit me perfectly. I picked up three pairs of jeans in lilac, pink floral and sky blue, and I also picked up a pair of polka dot high-waisted shorts, and a pair of floral print shorts. I got the shorts for $9.95 each as well, so all in all, these all costed me $50! Bargain!
  10. I received a Diva gift card for Secret Santa from my future in-law's side, and I decided to use it and picked up a pair of new sunnies, and a floral fabric watch. I've recently accumulated a load of watches lately, and this is just a perfect addition to my collection. And as for these sunnies, my favourite ones that I always wear out broke, so I figured it was about time to find a new favourite. Plus, they're my first pair of brown sunnies. All of my other sunnies are tinted in a darker shade.
  11. The usual fashion magazines pick-me-up.
  12. I walked into eQuip hoping to find the new Kardashian Kollection, but instead found these goodies. If you look at the neon stickers, you can see I grabbed some fantastic pieces for amazing prices. I picked up a chain necklace woven with black chiffon fabric, a statement jewel necklace, and ever since my brother got engaged, I've been feeling sentimental, and I got these two faux-diamond rings. So gorgeous, I love them!
  13. My mom has recently been obsessing over nail-art, and she dragged me to the shops. Bless her though, because then I would have never found these gorgeous colours in these nail polishes. This is from the Revlon Top Speed collection. Pastel colours, need I say more?
  14. These are the names of the colours of the nail varnishes. The pastel pink is called 110 Pink Lingerie, the pastel purple is 710 Cloud, and the pastel green is 320 Jaded.
  15. My mom bought me this necklace. I think they're rather cute. The primary colours on the cuts of the necklace gives it a summer vibe. I'm very pro-pastel right now, so maybe I can paint the colours into pastels, hehehe.
  16. This is a basic Topshop perry vest. Every girl needs basics in their closets, right? But for $4 at Topshop, sure thing! I'd get all of my basics from Topshop.
  17. Bless my mom for getting me this chunky bracelet, and nail varnishes from Diva.
Well, that's it guys. Comment and let me know which of my buys you liked best, and what your favourite purchase was this month?


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