New In (before Christmas break)

Hi shopping girlies!
So technically these aren't THA new in, these were from the end of last year (I can finally say that) 2012 and I just never got to posting these. Figured I'd do it now whilst I'm still early on in the new year.

  1. Well this was from way back when I first visited Topshop in October or November. I picked up a foundation brush, printed Havaianas and embellished shorts.
  2. I found out about a Mink Pink warehouse sale, in which I could not pass up. So I headed there as a fun adventure with my little family and found these goodies.
  3. Mink Pink button up short sleeve top, Mink Pink printed pants, Quirky Circus soft plush mint knit, Mink Pink black lace high-waist shorts, Mink Pink velvet camel high-waist shorts and Mink Pink sunny flower dress.
  4. The usual fashion magazines monthly pick up I do. I got mailed the FBI Fashion College magazine. Hopefully my future college!
  5. Some fashion books I picked up last year. The Dressing Table was a birthday gift, Lauren Conrad Style was bought two years ago and Wardrobe 101 was a birthday gift also. Everything else was bought around September/October.
  6. Classic Temt haul, right? Picked up a black lace bralet and a white lace bralet, a lemon coloured bustier, ripped skinny jeans, mustard winter tank, two short shorts, crochet top, orange peplum skirt and a pair of cream bow flats.
  7. A beautiful Valleygirl haul. Pastel everything equals major perfection in my eyes! At Valleygirl I picked up a pink and green crop tee in soft hues, two pairs of pink and blue short shorts, a pastel blue bag, a cream wallet, vintage inspired sunglasses, a flower crown and two baby pink & mint green heart shaped rings.
  8. My boyfriend dragged me to our local DFO, and I managed to find these goodies. Three flatforms in mint green, peach and black, and ten bandeaus in lilac, hot pink, light blue stripes, floral, yellow lemon, lavender, mint green, peach, light pink stripes and navy stripes.
  9. I'm so excited to try this Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs leg makeup. I still haven't tried it yet, but I'm really willing to do so. I actually don't know why I haven't yet. And I also got Gilette satin care with a touch of Olay sensitive shave gel, which I've been using for a while now and it works AMAZING. My legs always turn out so smooth and beautiful after I use this baby!
  10. Again, a girl like me could never have enough fashion magazines.
  11. For $9, this watch was a major steal. It's got that elegance and is so classic, you could never go wrong with it. I still need to get it adjusted, but that won't be a problem.
  12. And again, more fashion magazines. You could see why I have such a big collection.
  13. I use these awesome Christmas wrapping paper from Typo to wrap my Christmas gifts this year and they turned out fantastic!
  14. And another fashion magazines haul. Ha ha ha.
  15. And finally, my Sportsgirl umbrella! I finally have an umbrella.


  1. Everything looks amazing dear! ^-^ I'm like you and still need to post up all my recent purchases too, haha. And yay! I'm happy to have found a fellow australian blogger who buys just as much as I do and from similar stores too.. then again we both are girls :D

    1. Thank you so much, sweetie! :) Haha I draft so many posts that some of them get stowed away and forgotten, so when it comes to posting my recent stuff, everything ends up being all over the place, so I have to go back and find those drafted posts, ahhhhhh! Haha!
      Me too! I'm so happy I found a fellow Australian blogger who seems to enjoy fashion as much as I do. Now we can get tips off of each other :')
      A girl can never have too many clothes and shoes! :P X