Weekly Wishlist: January 27 - February 2

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiiime! With me trying to save for college right now, (I'm inquiring at The Fashion Institute right now), my wishlist's are going to become bigger and bigger. I try to limit myself to six pieces a wishlist, so that it doesn't become overcrowded. But boy, is it difficult!
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Peter Alexander Sailor Onesie. So this may or may not be a sleeping onesie, but let me not be the first to say that Peter Alexander's collections are so adorable, they can't just be for bed! I would literally take this pretty thing out for a spin during broad daylight. It's too cute to be hidden at home!
  2. Revlon Photoready Cream Blush. I always use powder brushes, so I'm really curious as to how cream blushes work. I've always been curious to try Revlon's cream blushes. The sight of them causes you to immediately reciprocate and halt yourself from ruining the nice finish. I'm one of those hoarders who hold onto pretty packaging and wouldn't touch a new makeup product for the first two months. Seriously.
  3. Forever 21 Colourblocked Canvas Oxfords. I currently have two pairs of brogues right now, but not any oxfords that look anything like this. The gorgeous sky blue pleasantly clashing with the creaminess of the white kind of reminds of you a beautiful sky with a bunch of white fluffy clouds. If I get these, I will be walking on clouds. Literally.
  4. Forever 21 Metallic Strap Sandals in Light Rose. I've been wanting a pair of sandals in this style for quite some time now, but I could never find a pair that I really like. Sydney doesn't have a shortage of sandals in this style, I just can't make up my mind when it comes to choosing one, but these are perrrrrrfect. Lust, lust, lust!
  5. Miss Guided Phoebelle Stripey Asymmetric Blouse in Pink. This top reminds me of candy. I remember when I was little, I use to eat those hard candies in pink and white swirls. Strawberry and cream hard candy swirls, maybe? I don't know, but this reminded me so much of candy like that, and I think it's so cute!
  6. Diva Glam Stone Necklace. I've been having a real fetish for statement necklaces, which include 'the bigger, the better', which also include loads and loads of diamonds. You know that emoticon with the face with hearts as eyes? Insert that right here!
Anything you gals want this week? Leave them in the comments and let me know what you're lusting this week.


New In

Hi shopaholics!
There's something about retail therapy that makes you feel good about blowing majority of your money. It's no good but the smell of plastic shopping bags, and brand spanking new items is amazing on the nose.
Some of these items were given to me by loved ones, and by loved ones, I mean, my mom. Bless her for having incredible taste.
  1. Cotton On Body has been my ultimate love lately. It's most likely because I am lusting for Winter to arrive, or it could just be because this store is incredible. The online store does not do the store's justice. So when I took a trip there the other day, I picked up three pairs of pastel lace knickers, a love heart pyjama tee, a pair of stripe pyjama shorts, a pair of pastel pink and cream home slipper flats, and a black and white canvas tote bag.
  2. Colette by Colette Hayman has definitely defined itself these past few months. I remember going there two years ago, and was impressed, but I felt like I wanted so much more to happen to it. It use to just be handbags and jewelry. Recently, it's managed to bring in makeup products, candles, perfumes, beauty bags, notebooks, etc etc. and I am utterly in love with it! I picked up a 32 colour lipgloss palette (which is to die-for!!!) and a leather bound book with the logo engraved on the cover in gold and white. I use this book as my blog book; a place for me to write down ideas and plans for future blog posts. I've found it to be so useful and necessary. I feel so much more organized with it.
  3. Valleygirl had finally come out with a sleepwear collection, and I think I died. It was amazing. They had some for every style. Girly, floral, sexy, edgy... So pretty! Unfortunately, it's probably gone by now (well at my local store it is) but I managed to get in before they were let go. The collection is called 'Love to Lounge', and I picked up this cute matching pyjama set. I love the floral pattern and the lace trim. And did I mention that they are super duper soft? Amazingly comfortable for sleeping!
  4. It's a given that everytime I come across a Rubi Shoes at any mall I'm at, I must enter. I just have to. I don't control it. And thank goodness I do, because look at these adorable heels I found. I believe it was fate. It was the last one and in my EXACT size. They seem to be Miu Miu inspired, which is just as great. I can't wait to wear these out, but to where? Then I came across these loafers, and in my exact size too. I only have one other pair, but after wearing those for a while, I knew I had to get another, and it's just lucky that I found these coral loafers for a good price!
  5. I've been meaning to buy some new makeup, I just wasn't sure what I needed. So after carefully going through my beauty bag, I found out that I needed a new pot of concealer and a different shade of liquid eyeliner. I love Australian makeup, so the first brand I looked at was Australis. I'd been eyeing out this pot of concealer for a while, and I figured it was about time I tried it out. I've been fairly impressed with their products in the past, so I'm hoping this concealer pot will keep up the good reputations I stall in my mind. As for the eyeliner, I have a pure black eyeliner by Models Prefer that I currently use. Although, I remember either reading somewhere or watching a beauty guru say that if you want subtle but eye-popping liner for the day, go for a different colour other than black. I decided to go for the brown shade, and I haven't tried it yet, but this is Face of Australia, and again, they haven't let me down at all. Gotta love Priceline!
  6. Chicabooti has some of the stylish clothes in such incredible prices. Perfect for one's personal style. I picked up this mint green top. It's a new high-low top, and the front is chiffon with a sequined pocket. So cute! Once I saw the mint, I knew I had to get it. It's casual but glam, too.
  7. Since it's 2013, I had to head into my Typo store and grab myself my annual journal/day planner. This year, I decided to use my journal to document what happens every single day. Whether it's totally interesting, or drab boring, it's going to be documented and remembered forever. Sometimes it's the little things that make a day so much better, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of my highs and lows of each day.
  8. I admit. I have a severe passion for pastels. Ally Fashion was having a great sale on some of their best pieces, and these were included in them. I love how this palette is in cool tones. I picked up a mint green short sleeve peplum top, a lavender vest peplum top, a sky blue button-up top, and a bright minty green bralette.
  9. These were my favourite buys of all. I walked into Factorie hoping to help out my boyfriend with his shopping of fashion goodies. I ended up wandering over to the girls' side and found a rack full of jeans for only $9.95 each! It was unbelievable. Going through the rack, and expecting the worst because I'm tiny and I figured all the big sizes were left, I found so many pieces in my exact size and I was so glad because the discount was fab! I walked on over to a sale table and found two pairs of shorts in my exact size, again! It must have been my lucky day. The pants are 'ankle grazers' meaning they're suppose to hit just above your ankle, but since I'm a total shorty, they fit me perfectly. I picked up three pairs of jeans in lilac, pink floral and sky blue, and I also picked up a pair of polka dot high-waisted shorts, and a pair of floral print shorts. I got the shorts for $9.95 each as well, so all in all, these all costed me $50! Bargain!
  10. I received a Diva gift card for Secret Santa from my future in-law's side, and I decided to use it and picked up a pair of new sunnies, and a floral fabric watch. I've recently accumulated a load of watches lately, and this is just a perfect addition to my collection. And as for these sunnies, my favourite ones that I always wear out broke, so I figured it was about time to find a new favourite. Plus, they're my first pair of brown sunnies. All of my other sunnies are tinted in a darker shade.
  11. The usual fashion magazines pick-me-up.
  12. I walked into eQuip hoping to find the new Kardashian Kollection, but instead found these goodies. If you look at the neon stickers, you can see I grabbed some fantastic pieces for amazing prices. I picked up a chain necklace woven with black chiffon fabric, a statement jewel necklace, and ever since my brother got engaged, I've been feeling sentimental, and I got these two faux-diamond rings. So gorgeous, I love them!
  13. My mom has recently been obsessing over nail-art, and she dragged me to the shops. Bless her though, because then I would have never found these gorgeous colours in these nail polishes. This is from the Revlon Top Speed collection. Pastel colours, need I say more?
  14. These are the names of the colours of the nail varnishes. The pastel pink is called 110 Pink Lingerie, the pastel purple is 710 Cloud, and the pastel green is 320 Jaded.
  15. My mom bought me this necklace. I think they're rather cute. The primary colours on the cuts of the necklace gives it a summer vibe. I'm very pro-pastel right now, so maybe I can paint the colours into pastels, hehehe.
  16. This is a basic Topshop perry vest. Every girl needs basics in their closets, right? But for $4 at Topshop, sure thing! I'd get all of my basics from Topshop.
  17. Bless my mom for getting me this chunky bracelet, and nail varnishes from Diva.
Well, that's it guys. Comment and let me know which of my buys you liked best, and what your favourite purchase was this month?



OOTD: Bright like Floral Love

Top: Ally Fashion
Pants: One Way
Heels: Rubi Shoes
Belt Bangle: Valleygirl
Rose-Gold Chain Bracelet: Diva
'Danica' Ring: From a friend
'Love' Ring: Diva
'Bow' Ring: Diva
Ear-cuff: Diva
Backpack: Cotton On

Hi girlies!
Scream to the top of your lungs because it's another Outfit of the Day!

I was out with some girl friends, doing some shopping for a day, and I came across these super pretty floral pants, and the cashier told me that they were only $10. Um, bargain! They were the smallest size, and they still didn't fit me, but I didn't want to let go of them, so I decided to buy them anyways, and it wasn't until after Christmas that I got to DIY and fix them up to fit me perfectly, because my dad bought my mom and I a sewing machine for Christmas.

This outfit is dedicated to the girls who love taking risks with their fashion. Props to you!

Style tip: If you're going to a nice dinner, trade in the backpack for a really cute handbag.

You can inherit a statement necklace and ditch the arm candy for a classic watch.

This outfit is convenient for a day out with your girls, then trade it in for a night out with your man, or even a nice dinner party.

Beauty tip: Apply some neutral eyeshadow to give it a major statement.

Remember, never stop being yourself. It's one thing to try a trend, but it's another to become a whole other person and not be comfortable with who you are. Fashion is fun and experimenting, but don't get too lost. Know what you love, and love what you know.



Weekly Wishlist: January 20 - January 26

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiiiiime! I make sure that I do Weekly Wishlists every Wednesday, I want it to be really regular because, well, it's really regular when I want something, so it works best.
Although, I didn't realize that between my last wishlist and this one, I'd only posted once, so I am terribly sorry. I've been pretty busy with a few things, but I promise this week will consist of more posts since I'm getting my blog book prepared.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Forever 21 Cat eye sweater. I had other Forever 21 items to put in this wishlist, until I came across this and I immediately knew I was immediately in total love. Cat eye sunglasses are such a chic statement right now. Pity I don't have a pair, but I am definitely on my way to getting myself a pair. This top is super cute, and it needs to be in my shopping cart, then in my wardrobe immediately. Grrrrrr, shipping to Australia is unbelievable!
  2. Forever 21 Polka dot wedge sandals in nude/white. Apparently wedges are the best suited heels for me, I don't know though, I'm not too fond of them, until this little number appeared in my life. How cute are they? I'm about 4'9"-5'0", so I'm tiny as a button, and so massive heels might actually work and help me, and these are totally adorable! I love polka dots!
  3. Miss Guided Payton onesie* in pink. *I noticed I made a typo on the image sooooo, sorry!* I've always wanted a onesie and I'm so jealous that my boyfriend bought one and it looks amazing on him. I love this and the fact that it's so cheap is incredible! It's perfect! Definitely going to be purchasing this before it becomes Winter here in Sydney.
  4. Typo 'Fave Things' A5 notebook. I love stationery. I always have. I love collecting them, and back-to-school is always my favourite time. Typo has one of the best stationery, and I'm so glad my closest one is like less than a 10 minute drive. Score! This notebook is possibly the simplest chic thing ever. That print on the cover is possibly one of the best prints I've seen. If that came in a shirt/top, I would buy it in a heartbeat, definitely.
  5. Cotton On Body Lip sorbet in sugarmint. I love Cotton On Body especially for their sleep and loungewear. But I remember seeing this the other day and it smelt incredible. Not sure why I didn't purchase it, so this immediately goes onto my wishlist. I need this asap.
  6. Miss Shop nail polish in disco dan glitter blue. My mom's been obsessed with nail polishes lately, and unfortunately, I am catching on to that fever. I don't have enough glitter polishes, and I am in love with this shade. It reminds me of a snowy winter which is like my favourite thing (even though it doesn't even snow here.) I am lusting over Miss Shop's beauty collection. It's perfect! Too bad the closest Myer to my place doesn't sell it yet, I don't think. Boo!


Weekly Wishlist: January 13 - January 19

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiiime! I realized I've been lacking posts this week, so I am terribly sorry about that! I've just been super busy.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Benefit Cosmetics Confessions of a Concealaholic. I have so many uneven spots on my face and my eyes always have dark circles, so I think this would be such a good investment for my beauty bag. I hate that these products are sooo darn expensive here in Australia.
  2. Therapy Kitson in Bone. Okay, I'll admit to saying that I was never a fan of kitten heels. I just never understood them. But these look superbly cute and I could not help myself. And since I can't spend too long in heels, kitten heels might be my easy go-to shoes for glamorous nights sometimes.
  3. Forever 21 sandblasted skinny jeans. I've been looking for jeans in this exact colour and style everywhere and it just seems nearly impossible. So I figured "Forever 21 has everything, it must have it and for a cheap price," and to my certain surprise, there it was. I think I saw a pair like this in Myer the other day though, but it was only the colour that was right. Anyway, I really need a pair of jeans like this in my closet immediately.
  4. Diva clock it rose timepiece (watch). I've always wanted a rose gold watch. Possibly a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs one, but due to my bank account, this will have to suffice. Maybe I'll get an MK or MJ one for my 20th this year, who knows? There's a lot on my birthday wishlist.
  5. Too Faced Air-Buffed BB creme complete coverage makeup. Okay, so I've heard all the rave about BB creams, but I'm not 100% sure on which one is the best one. I don't even know if this Too Faced one is any good, but all of their products seem so lush, I figured I'd slip this into my wishlist. Point of the matter is, I need a BB cream. Recommendations?
  6. Forever New Justine sequined collar lace t-shirt. Forever New. Collar. Lace. I think those four words explain everything. No, but seriously, this top is so pretty. The details and embellishments, just wow.
Oh, by the way, my boyfriend and I decided to do that 'my boyfriend does my makeup tag' video, so you can find that here if you want to have a laugh and see him destroy my face. Our son decided to take part in it too, so watch it and see what my son does to my face also!



OOTD: Inspired by Olivia Lopez from Lust for Life

Sweater: Mink Pink
Skirt: Sunny Girl
Heels: Temt
Bag: Dotti
Necklace: ?
Rings: Faux Chanel & Colette by Colette Hayman

Hi girlies!
If you don't know who Olivia Lopez is, she's the owner of the spectacular blog Lust for Life. She's an expert at vintage finds and her style is high-end fashion combined with on-trend one of a kind vintage. I put this outfit together and it immediately reminded me of Olivia and her style. She's amazing, and the fact that she's filipino too makes me idolize her so much more.
This outfit is dedicated to Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life.
Beauty tip: This outfit looks great with a bold red lip. That is exactly why I wanted to try it out because I take the safe path with my pink lips.

I hope Olivia sees this because she truly is an amazing fashion blogger!


Weekly Wishlist: January 6 - January 12

Hi girls!
It's Weekly Wishlist tiiiiiime! Honestly, I love love love doing these posts. It kind of inspires me in a way, especially for when I go shopping or work on my inspiration book, so I hope you guys love it as much as I do.
This week I am wishing for:

  1. Forever 21 Floral Brocade Trouser Shorts. If you were to force me to sit in front of the Forever 21 website and tell me not to put anything in the shopping bag, I would have about $200 worth of items in there in 10 minutes flat. I have a deep affection for pastel so these cream shorts are so fancy and classy that I know I have to have this. Plus, look at that floral design. It's so subtle, yet pretty.
  2. Glassons Pale Mauve Classic Blazer. Yet again, another pastel item. Clearly, I love pastel! I have a white. blazer and hot pink blazer, but I have yet to get my hands on a pastel pink one, so these are ultra perfect!
  3. Rubi Shoes Alice T-Bar Flats. You're probably looking at these and going, "but these are school girl shoes...", yes, it may look that way, but for some reason, I just really want it. I think with the way my style is evolving, it's suiting these.. I don't know. I think they're cute!
  4. Rubi Shoes Dorothy Flats. I couldn't decide on which colour, so I decided on both. Why am I having such an obsession with flats like these?! They're all just so cute!
  5. Forever 21 Floral Cosmetic Brush Set. I'm not sure how soft Forever 21's makeup brushes are, but these were really pretty. Floral design with a background of gold, I have to have it. I feel like all I say is "it's so pretty" but they really are!
  6. Forever 21 Floral Print Georgette Shirt. In one Weekly Wishlist I already have three Forever 21 items, what does that say about me? When I  saw this shirt, I wanted it so bad. I don't think I have anything with that many pink florals on it.. Okay, maybe I do. But this is just so different from everything I have!
*Unfortunately Forever 21's shipping to Australia is so damn pricey, therefore it'll take me a little while to save up for a haul from here.

Well, enjoy!


OOTD: One Pair of Pants, Three Bustiers

Bustiers: Factorie
Pants: Mink Pink
Heels: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: Chanel
Watch: Dotti

Hi girlies!
Happy 2013!!!!
Wow, I can't believe another year has already gone by.
Well, here I am creating another OOTD post for you lovely readers! I've been thinking of making a 'Why I started blogging' type of post.. Maybe soon.

I love how this outfit is rather simple, but because of the pattern on the pants it gives it that stylish boost that it needs. I found these pants at a Mink Pink warehouse sale and immediately fell in love. I quickly checked the size and hallelujah, it fit just right!
This outfit is dedicated to those girls who LOVE taking risks. Your bravery is inspiring!
Style tip: Add a cropped blazer in a neutral shade for when it get chilly, and a stack of bangles and bracelets to give it a perfect chic look.
You can inherit a flair of something that is your own, whether it be a special ring or necklace, or a signature piece of item.
Beauty tip: Use some lip stains on your cheeks for a more obvious glow, and then instead of using regular black eyeliner, use some glitter eyeliner to glam it up some more!
This outfit is convenient for a fun night out with a group of friends or a fun house party for the most fashionable girl, especially during the Summer time.
Fashion is an art form. Create your own masterpieces. There are no longer any rules in fashion. Make it your own, and have fun with it.

I couldn't decide on which bustier I liked better with it, so comment below and let me know which one you like better.


New In (before Christmas break)

Hi shopping girlies!
So technically these aren't THA new in, these were from the end of last year (I can finally say that) 2012 and I just never got to posting these. Figured I'd do it now whilst I'm still early on in the new year.

  1. Well this was from way back when I first visited Topshop in October or November. I picked up a foundation brush, printed Havaianas and embellished shorts.
  2. I found out about a Mink Pink warehouse sale, in which I could not pass up. So I headed there as a fun adventure with my little family and found these goodies.
  3. Mink Pink button up short sleeve top, Mink Pink printed pants, Quirky Circus soft plush mint knit, Mink Pink black lace high-waist shorts, Mink Pink velvet camel high-waist shorts and Mink Pink sunny flower dress.
  4. The usual fashion magazines monthly pick up I do. I got mailed the FBI Fashion College magazine. Hopefully my future college!
  5. Some fashion books I picked up last year. The Dressing Table was a birthday gift, Lauren Conrad Style was bought two years ago and Wardrobe 101 was a birthday gift also. Everything else was bought around September/October.
  6. Classic Temt haul, right? Picked up a black lace bralet and a white lace bralet, a lemon coloured bustier, ripped skinny jeans, mustard winter tank, two short shorts, crochet top, orange peplum skirt and a pair of cream bow flats.
  7. A beautiful Valleygirl haul. Pastel everything equals major perfection in my eyes! At Valleygirl I picked up a pink and green crop tee in soft hues, two pairs of pink and blue short shorts, a pastel blue bag, a cream wallet, vintage inspired sunglasses, a flower crown and two baby pink & mint green heart shaped rings.
  8. My boyfriend dragged me to our local DFO, and I managed to find these goodies. Three flatforms in mint green, peach and black, and ten bandeaus in lilac, hot pink, light blue stripes, floral, yellow lemon, lavender, mint green, peach, light pink stripes and navy stripes.
  9. I'm so excited to try this Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs leg makeup. I still haven't tried it yet, but I'm really willing to do so. I actually don't know why I haven't yet. And I also got Gilette satin care with a touch of Olay sensitive shave gel, which I've been using for a while now and it works AMAZING. My legs always turn out so smooth and beautiful after I use this baby!
  10. Again, a girl like me could never have enough fashion magazines.
  11. For $9, this watch was a major steal. It's got that elegance and is so classic, you could never go wrong with it. I still need to get it adjusted, but that won't be a problem.
  12. And again, more fashion magazines. You could see why I have such a big collection.
  13. I use these awesome Christmas wrapping paper from Typo to wrap my Christmas gifts this year and they turned out fantastic!
  14. And another fashion magazines haul. Ha ha ha.
  15. And finally, my Sportsgirl umbrella! I finally have an umbrella.


Weekly Wishlist: December 30 - January 5

Happy New Year, lovelies!
New Year means new shopping, yay! I haven't been to the shops since before Christmas, so I'm in a bit of an excited mood to finally go shopping sometime this week or next. My son is still a bit sick, so we're kind of waiting it out until he's feeling better, and then we'll travel out and go on a crazy shopping spree! I'm so excited!

This week I am wishing for:
  1. Face of Australia Lip Quench Moisturising SPF30+ in Malibu Barbie. I can't get enough of bright pink lipsticks. I bought the Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart a couple months back and it's already almost finished. I have a few other bright pink lippies in my makeup bag also, so I won't run out, but I feel like I still don't have enough. You can never have too much pink lippies!
  2. Peter Alexander iPhone cases. Super super super cute! Couldn't decide on just one that I really liked. I wanted to put all of them on this wishlist but these two were probably my most fave. I'm always jazzing up my iPhone. I have about 15 other cases for my iPhone right now, haha.
  3. Portmans foil chain pouch. This bag is uber classy and so stylish. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Just by looking at the picture, you can tell the texture and fabric is amazing and incredibly precise. I need this!
  4. Topshop gold jacquard trousers. Gold. Trousers. Need I say more?
  5. Miss Shop/Tokito Peplum top with contrast elastic in peach. I can't get enough of peplum tops. I love them. This peplum top seems to look like a ballerina type of style. It's so pretty and cute. Peplums are the perfect tops for a mix of girly and classy. Love!
  6. Wittner thyme black suede leather point heels. I've seen these all over inspiration and fashion blogs and I'm in love. Although, I have tiny feet so these probably won't stay on for long unless I have one that is precisely my baby feet size. I wish it weren't so hard for me to wear strapless heels. There's s many pretty ones that I know I could rock.
So girls, what are you wishing for this week?