Weekly Wishlist: December 23-29

Belated Merry Christmas, lovelies!
I've been sick ever since Christmas Eve, so I've been in bed and resting ever since then. Don't think a silly cold/flu is going to stop me from creating a blog post. At least one this week would be good for my health, I reckon.
This week I am wishing for:
  1. Glassons sequin bra. New Years Eve is coming up and everytime I think of New Years, all I think of is sparkles, sequins and glitter. This sequin bra would look great under a chiffon long sleeve button up top.
  2. Ally Fashion sequin skater skirt. Okay, sequins and skater skirts? Too much perffffffectness! Again, I found this and immediately thought, so great for New Years!
  3. Rubi Shoes quilted heels. I'm a big believer in Chanel. I'm a huge lover of Chanel. So these incredible heels reminded me so much of Chanel, and I immediately fell in love. I need these!
  4. Colette by Colette Hayman 32 colour lipgloss palette. I've been obsessing over this since I first saw it in stores. I love lipsticks, so this was basically lipstick heaven for me. I hope this doesn't run out before I get my howling self to the shops.
  5. Colette by Colette Hayman Gabriella tote bag. In my opinion, for affordable handbags, Colette by Colette Hayman have probably the best bags, in the most styles and colours.
  6. Ally Fashion floral crop jeans. The mixture of colours are absolutely my type. I fell in love with these pants so quickly, and they're crop too, so that means they're the perfect size for my shorty self.
Happy shopping!
Attack all of those boxing day sales for me, girls!

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