My New Baby Girl Laptop

Hi sweeties!
I've got a few minutes to spare before I head out to do some last minute Christmas errands, so I figured I'd share a blog post.
I got a new laptop just over a year ago and I was obsessed with it. I continued to save money, just because I intended on saving money. I guess I like putting away some money for a rainy day. When I heard that my parents wanted to get a new laptop either for my grandparents or my little brother, I wanted to help out a bit. Now it may seem selfish, but I've been lusting over this laptop for months now. In the end, everything kind of came together and I charged my dad $100 for my old laptop and then purchased this one. And I have to tell you, I am deeply deeply in love with my new baby girl!
I only had a year with my old laptop but I promise to you, this one will stick with me for years on end, indeed. My boyfriend even commented that it's perfect for me and so girly, and maybe that's what I love so much about it. It's very 'me', if you know what I mean. It may not be pink, but the sleek black and white finish gives it such a pretty glow and gorgeous finish.
Another bonus? It's as heavy as a feather. It is quite possibly the lightest laptop I have ever held in my hands. It's incredible! I love it so much.
RRP: $698.
Sale price: $598.
With 10% off discount: $538.20.
Then, for some odd reason, when my dad went to purchase it for me, they told him that it was down to $423, which was so awesome!! I originally had $600, I managed to save $177, just by waiting and purchasing it at the right time. I could not be any happier!!

So, there it is. Enjoy drooling over how pretty she is, and she's all mine, hehe!

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