Shopping Through a Lense IV

Hi virtual shoppers!
First of all, I'm thankful of each and every one of you, and treasure everything you guys comment me.
I love all of my followers, ghost and non-ghost ones, and I'm getting close to having 50 followers (which, compared to other blogs you may follow, is really not a lot) but to show my appreciation for having 50 people interested in my various and whimsy blog posts, I want to hold a small giveaway when I hit the big 5-0! So spread the word about Heart, Style & Grace and a giveaway may possibly be on your lucky side.
Hardy-har, I've once again led you towards a Shopping Through a Lense post. This was much awaited. I must've lost this post in my 'drafts' folder. Honestly, I go through these images and feel a slight moment of being sadly depressed because I wish, wiiiiiiish these items were still being sold. If so, they would all be in my petite hands and being cuddled every second.
Although, I still want to post these up for you because when I see them, I feel inspiration at its best. It makes me want to hunt harder when shopping to find items close to these or even if they ever come back.. Maybe even inspire you to DIY. I hope it inspires you as much as it does I.
*WARNING: Some of these items are most likely no longer available in stores.*
01. Pink and black with gold studs ballet flats at Target
02. Scallop-edge jean shorts with a light wash at Valleygirl
03. Need I say more? Tu-tu's at Cotton On Kids
04. Pink clutch at Valleygirl/Wall of flat shoes at Forever New
05. Quirky, clever and cute birthday card at Target
06. Black bead bag at Sportsgirl/Black wash jeans with studs & black jeans at Temt
07. Cute, pink and girly-girl ensemble at Temt/Camel box bag at Valleygirl
08. Total Girl's tween fashion books at Target
09. Miu Miu inspired bag at Colette by Colette Hayman/Messy shoe rack of heels at Forever New
10. Navy blue box bag at Valleygirl/Quilted black clutch or laptop bag at Sportsgirl

May I just remind everyone how bummed I am that these are no longer on sale?
It would be totally normal if a 19 year old girl wore a tu-tu out in public, right? They're just so cute! I mean, if Cotton On Kids girls shoes fit me, then surely the tu-tu's would fit.. Right?

Ah, well, enjoy!
Let me know in the comments below on which old find you like best and hope to discover when you're out shopping.
Oh, and don't forget, spread the word about Heart, Style & Grace to help me hit 50 followers, and you may be in the draw to win an awesome giveaway from me!

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