Photo Diary IX

Hey girls,
it's that time again, it's Photo Diary time!
These images are from the end of September all through October till now.
I like doing these Photo Diaries because it's basically a nicer way of updating you all on what I've been up to, what I'm into and what is going on.

01. I started my weekly workouts in August and have never felt more proud of myself. I realize that working once a week is nothing compared to what other people do, but if I can build it up and go from once a week, to twice, to three, to four, to five and then hopefully build up to every day, then that's what I'll do. I just always manage to have a lot on my plate and especially with me finishing off school this term, once a week applies quite nicely to my schedule. But I've bumped it up to twice a week for next month. It's true what they say, having workout gear makes you feel more determined and more inspired to do so.
02. Er, about half of my magazine collection right now. The other half is mainly Teen Vogue and SHOP Til You Drop magazines.
03. Lucy Hale on the cover of Dolly magazine? What could be better! Spent that week watching Pretty Little Liars whilst also reading Lauren Conrad's LA Candy novel.
04. Late September was around the time of my boyfriend and baby daddy's 19th birthday! He's quite a looker, right?
05. Stole some products from one of mom's million shopping trips. GOODBYE SPLIT ENDS!
06. Beginning of October was Keeping Up with the Kardashians week. I don't fancy Kim and Kris all that much, but everyone else is far more awesome and hilarious!!
07. Parents' 24th anniversary was early October and they spent a night in the city, but they also came back with some extra special goodies and presents from Topshop/Topman! :')
08. Mid-October featured my ever so lovable God-sissy's 18th birthday debut. This is my little family looking fancy shmancy!
09. Two of my fave girlies. Friends since we were tiny tots! ♡ (Darn my forgetting to put lipstick on!)
10. The birthday celebrant and stunning girl: Michelle ♡♡♡
11. While watching Disney's new original movie Geek Charming, I was having a charming time myself: home-made burger and a cup of chocolate milk. I prefer home-made burgers over take-out burgers. You wouldn't see me eating a take-out burger, for sure.
12. There came a time when I felt ultimately inspired on my tiny pink notebook laptop and spent a week on it, instead of my 15.6" laptop. It seems selfish of me to have two laptops, but one is for school. It's much easier to lug around. I feel blessed and grateful to have two. Trust me.
13. Here she is. My first fashion endeavours started with this little beauty. She broke down on me a while back though, that's why I had to get a new one, but my dad recently got her fixed and hopefully it lasts cause it sure didn't last time!
14. My pride and joy: my collection of fashion books ♡♡ There is absolutely going to be way more on the way sometime soon!!
15. Shopped at Temt with my mom this week. Here is a sneak peek as to what I purchased. (Look out for the upcoming shopping post). As I've repeatedly said to her, "it's how we bond and stay close" - through shopping. It's the best thing a daughter and a mom can do together! Love you momsy!
16. Ahhhh, my cheap vanity. When you share a tiny room with two other boys, you gotta get smart and turn to creativity!

So there wasn't much going on there, buuuuut, I figured I might as well post this considering it's been lingering in my Drafts folder for a while. Eeeep!



  1. I want all those fashion books! Which one is your fave (I already have the teen vogue and style ones though) xx

    1. There's so much more that I want to add to my collection.
      But I really really cannot choose just one favourite :( I really love them all! Which one's yours? :)

  2. I have those two Lauren Conrad books and absolutely love them! Definitely adding the others to my Christmas list!
    PS. I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award, it's like a tag and helps smaller blogs get more recognition, you can check out the post on my blog :)

    1. Lauren Conrad is basically my style idol, so anything to do with her, I must be a part of! I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up next week, so stay tuned!
      Awww, oh my gosh, thank you so much! X