OOTD: Girly Floral

Top: One Way
Pants: ICE Design
Shoes: Temt
Bag: Temt

Hi girlies!
I love love love this girly floral look. It's something that definitely defines my style and what pieces I love.
This outfit is dedicated to all of the girls who love flirty florals as much as I do.
Style tip: Add some cute neutral and/or pastel jewellry to complete the look. It'll add a personal flair to your outfit.
If you're more comfortable with wearing heels, try inheriting a small heel to this outfit to pump it up, just that bit more. Heels (no matter what size) always attract to appear a girl as to being more confidence, so if you're comfortable, try a small platform heel or some wedges. They would look really cute with the outfit for a daytime look.
This outfit is convenient for going out with your friends to do some shopping. It's easy and lightly put together.

Remember that fashion is your art. You create the beauty of it. Enjoy it, don't dress it!

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