Photo Diary IX

Hey girls,
it's that time again, it's Photo Diary time!
These images are from the end of September all through October till now.
I like doing these Photo Diaries because it's basically a nicer way of updating you all on what I've been up to, what I'm into and what is going on.

01. I started my weekly workouts in August and have never felt more proud of myself. I realize that working once a week is nothing compared to what other people do, but if I can build it up and go from once a week, to twice, to three, to four, to five and then hopefully build up to every day, then that's what I'll do. I just always manage to have a lot on my plate and especially with me finishing off school this term, once a week applies quite nicely to my schedule. But I've bumped it up to twice a week for next month. It's true what they say, having workout gear makes you feel more determined and more inspired to do so.
02. Er, about half of my magazine collection right now. The other half is mainly Teen Vogue and SHOP Til You Drop magazines.
03. Lucy Hale on the cover of Dolly magazine? What could be better! Spent that week watching Pretty Little Liars whilst also reading Lauren Conrad's LA Candy novel.
04. Late September was around the time of my boyfriend and baby daddy's 19th birthday! He's quite a looker, right?
05. Stole some products from one of mom's million shopping trips. GOODBYE SPLIT ENDS!
06. Beginning of October was Keeping Up with the Kardashians week. I don't fancy Kim and Kris all that much, but everyone else is far more awesome and hilarious!!
07. Parents' 24th anniversary was early October and they spent a night in the city, but they also came back with some extra special goodies and presents from Topshop/Topman! :')
08. Mid-October featured my ever so lovable God-sissy's 18th birthday debut. This is my little family looking fancy shmancy!
09. Two of my fave girlies. Friends since we were tiny tots! ♡ (Darn my forgetting to put lipstick on!)
10. The birthday celebrant and stunning girl: Michelle ♡♡♡
11. While watching Disney's new original movie Geek Charming, I was having a charming time myself: home-made burger and a cup of chocolate milk. I prefer home-made burgers over take-out burgers. You wouldn't see me eating a take-out burger, for sure.
12. There came a time when I felt ultimately inspired on my tiny pink notebook laptop and spent a week on it, instead of my 15.6" laptop. It seems selfish of me to have two laptops, but one is for school. It's much easier to lug around. I feel blessed and grateful to have two. Trust me.
13. Here she is. My first fashion endeavours started with this little beauty. She broke down on me a while back though, that's why I had to get a new one, but my dad recently got her fixed and hopefully it lasts cause it sure didn't last time!
14. My pride and joy: my collection of fashion books ♡♡ There is absolutely going to be way more on the way sometime soon!!
15. Shopped at Temt with my mom this week. Here is a sneak peek as to what I purchased. (Look out for the upcoming shopping post). As I've repeatedly said to her, "it's how we bond and stay close" - through shopping. It's the best thing a daughter and a mom can do together! Love you momsy!
16. Ahhhh, my cheap vanity. When you share a tiny room with two other boys, you gotta get smart and turn to creativity!

So there wasn't much going on there, buuuuut, I figured I might as well post this considering it's been lingering in my Drafts folder for a while. Eeeep!



Shopping Through a Lense IV

Hi virtual shoppers!
First of all, I'm thankful of each and every one of you, and treasure everything you guys comment me.
I love all of my followers, ghost and non-ghost ones, and I'm getting close to having 50 followers (which, compared to other blogs you may follow, is really not a lot) but to show my appreciation for having 50 people interested in my various and whimsy blog posts, I want to hold a small giveaway when I hit the big 5-0! So spread the word about Heart, Style & Grace and a giveaway may possibly be on your lucky side.
Hardy-har, I've once again led you towards a Shopping Through a Lense post. This was much awaited. I must've lost this post in my 'drafts' folder. Honestly, I go through these images and feel a slight moment of being sadly depressed because I wish, wiiiiiiish these items were still being sold. If so, they would all be in my petite hands and being cuddled every second.
Although, I still want to post these up for you because when I see them, I feel inspiration at its best. It makes me want to hunt harder when shopping to find items close to these or even if they ever come back.. Maybe even inspire you to DIY. I hope it inspires you as much as it does I.
*WARNING: Some of these items are most likely no longer available in stores.*
01. Pink and black with gold studs ballet flats at Target
02. Scallop-edge jean shorts with a light wash at Valleygirl
03. Need I say more? Tu-tu's at Cotton On Kids
04. Pink clutch at Valleygirl/Wall of flat shoes at Forever New
05. Quirky, clever and cute birthday card at Target
06. Black bead bag at Sportsgirl/Black wash jeans with studs & black jeans at Temt
07. Cute, pink and girly-girl ensemble at Temt/Camel box bag at Valleygirl
08. Total Girl's tween fashion books at Target
09. Miu Miu inspired bag at Colette by Colette Hayman/Messy shoe rack of heels at Forever New
10. Navy blue box bag at Valleygirl/Quilted black clutch or laptop bag at Sportsgirl

May I just remind everyone how bummed I am that these are no longer on sale?
It would be totally normal if a 19 year old girl wore a tu-tu out in public, right? They're just so cute! I mean, if Cotton On Kids girls shoes fit me, then surely the tu-tu's would fit.. Right?

Ah, well, enjoy!
Let me know in the comments below on which old find you like best and hope to discover when you're out shopping.
Oh, and don't forget, spread the word about Heart, Style & Grace to help me hit 50 followers, and you may be in the draw to win an awesome giveaway from me!


New In

Hey shoppers!
If you follow my Twitter or my Instagram (@danicurr), you'd definitely know that I absolutely love shopping, so I'm so excited to bring a collective haul to you all and show you what's been purchased/given to me by loved ones in a collective of weeks.
So, here we go and let's get started:

01. Oh, the monthly fashion magazines that I must purchase. These must've been from the beginning of last month because I've read them back to front countless times. It's amazing how I never get tired of them.
02. Last month there was a sale at Diva with selected jewellry at 50% off its original price. That same time I realized I needed to renew my collection of necklaces, so I went a little crazy (at least they were all half price), and I have never been more pleased. I also bought a really cute cuff earring, which I really love because the feather's pink!
03. Ah, Sportsgirl, good ol' Sportsgirl. I always head straight for the jewellry and cosmetics when I'm in there cause barely anything else fits me. I was on the hunt for some necklaces and bracelets and found these simple chain wrist goodies on sale, then beside it, I found this iPhone case that I immediately fell in love with. It's nothing amazing or anything, but for some reason I really liked it.. And since it was only $3, I bought two in case the other got dirty (and it really did!)
04. Everything in Forever New always looks so pretty. The store is exquisite and to its pristine conditions, at all time. This day I was on a hunt for jewellry, and only found this really cute and clever bangle with a cream croc skin pattern. My boyfriend and I have this inside jokes about 'belt jewellry' (long story), but I found this cute and it just so happened that there was a diamond encrusted belt ring for $7. Engagement maybe, down the line? Hmm.. Well, once I got to the checkouts, I noticed this mouse which was perfect for my laptop! I broke my pearl one a few months ago, and was really hoping they had more, unfortunately not, so lucky thing was that this was only $12.95! I couldn't decide between pink croc skin pattern or cream croc skin pattern.. The sales lady helped me pick and made a wise choice on choosing the pink.
05. See how long ago these past few things were bought? It was back when I got a trim, and had to dye it back to its ombre nature. Priceline is definitely the best place for beauty and hair necessities, it just so happens that they had a '2 for $15' sale with the gel cushions for your feet, and they feel absolutely incredible! While I was there, I thought I might as well purchase the powder and bleach for when my friend would do my hair for me. Totally inexpensive stuff!
06. You can probably tell that I shop at Temt quite a lot with the countless times I mention it in my Outfit of the Day posts, mainly because it's about a 7-10 minute drive from my house to get to the closest store (which also happens to be a clearance store with everything being under $14.95) and although majority of their stock is either in the largest sizes, I still manage to find a few great pieces, but this is probably by far my most favourite piece from there. A cream and black stripe blazer which fits perfectly and looks high-end, but is really inexpensive! My brother's first impression of it was "it reminds me of Kris Jenner". Poker face, all in all.
07. The reason I love Rubi Shoes is because they're cheap and their styles are wonderful (again, my own opinion). Sure, there are multiple top-leading shoes stores, and they would rank much higher than this, but for an outlet store with inexpensive prices, but multiple creative styles, their stock is not that bad. Although the quality is quite poor sometimes, I actually have a pair of heels I bought from there, and out of all of the heels that I own (not just from Rubi Shoes), they're my most comfortable and go-to choice.
After discovering a rack of $5 flat shoes, I was disappointed to be unsuccessful with finding a pair of loafers that fit me, but was quite pleased to find these cute pastel pink ballerina flats and then a pastel colour block pair of heels for $25! Both perfectly fit right.
08. So last month my mom went to DFO with a few girlfriends, and the sweet lady that she is, brought back some goodies for her favourite (or only) daughter.
First were some goodies from Dotti's clearance outlet: a mustard knit sweater, which is super soft and feels terrific for cold days or nights, a dark green suede belt with a large buckle: super cute with my bright orange or royal blue jeans, a two-toned adjustable belt in pink and orange: so cute and clever!
09. Next she went to the Cotton On outlet store which is combined with Cotton On Body, and she snagged me some really cute and comfy bras for $5 each! My favourite is the purple satin bra with some bunching in the centre and a simple bow. There was just something about it, I don't really know.. Anyway, I usually always take the wires out from inside the bras because they end up hurting me after a while of wearing them. Luckily my mom knows a safe way of doing so, therefore it wasn't ruined in any way - phew!
10. When my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in the city for our anniversary, we spent a lot of our time shopping at Westfield in the city, and I mainly spent my time, drooling all over the beauty floor of Myer. I tried everything out at Benefit Cosmetics and one of the ladies that worked there helped me make a decision, and so I settled excitedly decided to purchase the 'That Gal' primer. I've been using it ever since, and oh my god, it's incredible! When I wasn't using primer, my skin was so dry afterwards, and this one has kept my skin so smooth and has protected it. I love it. Definitely purchasing this again when it runs out! Defs recommend!
11. One day during the mid-semester break, a few girlfriends and I spent a day out to go op-shopping, but we basically ended up splurging at Intoxic and I grabbed their opinions on this halter-skater skirt dress for a debut (that was last night), and they approved (and even helped zip me up! What are friends for, right?). But I knew I couldn't just buy that dress, I needed this floral pair of pants which was only $10. Would've been great if the matching jacket was there, but no, apparently not.. People decided to buy only the jacket for $10 instead of getting the whole set for $20 (crazy!!!!) I can't wait to style these babies up for an outfit post!
12. About two weeks ago, my mom was at Chicabooti and found some cute things for me and demanded I get down there A S A P. So I did, and found a few more cute things for myself.
Printed high-waist shorts, mustard studded crop top, two pastel peter pan collars, a pastel collared top, printed button-up top and a crochet dress for Summer, yay! So cheap, and so on sale!
13. Apparently, my collection of belts needed updating, and so I collected a few cute ones. I'm so excited to  style these with some of my outfits. So much better than the belts I have now.
14. A close up of the belts to show the buckles.
15. I'm not so much of a fan of Cotton On but lately they've been impressive, and I don't mind them so much. I'm usually a 'girly-girl' when it comes to my fashion and my style, but I couldn't resist this bucket bag, especially if it's only $10. I've been on the hunt for a backpack, probably ever since the second term of last semester started, and I couldn't ever decide on what I wanted it to look like, like what design or what colour, so this neutral, simple and classic one was perfect, and for $10, you never resist a perfect backpack. The hat was a silly purchase, I thought it looked cute and Ethan kept giggling at me when  wore it. Impulse buy for $5, not too shabby. I might wear it though. Especially with it being Spring! Finally, this statement necklace was picked out by my mother. Hm, the woman has good eyes, I must admit.
16. Last weekend my parents spent the weekend in the city for their anniversary and surprisingly enough, they brought back gifts for us!.. From Topshop! I got this cream sheer playsuit with diamonds on the collar, and three cute panties. In love! Can't wait to head there myself and splurge, yipee!
17. Ah, my most recent trip to the mall. I've been wanting to shop at Valleygirl for a while now. I use to always shop there, but suddenly stopped because I was unimpressed with their stock for a while. Until recently, my local store was such a drab, but now it's quite fab. I love what they did with it and it's made me inspired to shop there. I'm pretty weird and I like to feel inspired to shop. Pretty silly, right? Eh, not to me! Everyone's different.
Anyway, I found this really pretty sheer outerwear with studs all over them for $14.95, a hot pink shoulder cut-out top, cream jelly sandals, gold bracelet, bouquet flower ring, and a 'belt' bangle. The jewellry were actually from my mom when she went shopping in the city, I just thought I'd slip into the Valleygirl haul image.
My other purchases outside of 'VG' were Australis Makeup remover wipes and Australis nail polish remover, and a cute mint border cover for my iPhone.
18. And at last, we end with what we began with, fashion magazines, aka, my loves.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know what you bought last month, and what your favourite purchase was?


OOTD: Girly Floral

Top: One Way
Pants: ICE Design
Shoes: Temt
Bag: Temt

Hi girlies!
I love love love this girly floral look. It's something that definitely defines my style and what pieces I love.
This outfit is dedicated to all of the girls who love flirty florals as much as I do.
Style tip: Add some cute neutral and/or pastel jewellry to complete the look. It'll add a personal flair to your outfit.
If you're more comfortable with wearing heels, try inheriting a small heel to this outfit to pump it up, just that bit more. Heels (no matter what size) always attract to appear a girl as to being more confidence, so if you're comfortable, try a small platform heel or some wedges. They would look really cute with the outfit for a daytime look.
This outfit is convenient for going out with your friends to do some shopping. It's easy and lightly put together.

Remember that fashion is your art. You create the beauty of it. Enjoy it, don't dress it!


What's In My (Makeup) Bag?

Hi beauties!

First thing is first: UPDATE!
So it's been a long, long time since I've posted something, and honestly, I feel really bad about it. My mid-semester break is coming to an end tomorrow and then I'm off the face of the earth for the next 8 weeks to finally complete my course and be done with high school forever!
I feel like I owe you guys an explanation, and if I want to become successful someday with my blog then I obviously have to be able to connect with you.
I basically spent these two weeks, relaxing and calming myself because I was so stressed for the past 10 weeks of school, I just wanted some time to kind of enjoy the time I had. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging, I just never felt like being on my computer.
Okay, so not true, I spent the last few days catching up and watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus: Dulce (DulceCandy87), Meredith (stilababe09), Lindsey (beautybaby44) and Bethany (Macbarbie07). Absolutely love them, and I recommend for you all to go check out their videos and subscribe to them! I was, honestly, looking to find inspiration from these gurus. In midst of my relaxing, I guess I sort of lost my passion and I just wanted it back, so I went to these ladies for it (or better, their videos).
I am also currently working on a few little projects, so stay tuned!

Now, let's finally get to the topic of this post!
So these are the contents of my makeup bag:

  • White quilted makeup bag from Cotton On Body: I love how efficient it is for me, and even though it looks rather small, it's quite large inside so there's a lot of storing space for all my makeup faves.
  • The foundation I am coveting right now is the Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Foundation: I actually use the Benefit That Gal primer now, but these images were taken a few weeks ago cause I figure pre-shooting some post ideas would help, but I forgot that I actually do a lot of shopping (hehe) and find some new and awesome things! But anyway, I love this foundation because it's light-weight and I honestly forget that I'm wearing it sometimes. It doesn't do any drastic changes to my face, so I don't look like I dipped my face in icing, but it's enough to define my face.
  • I use the Garnier Anti-Circles concealer to hide my dark circles. I know it's not used for blemishes, redness and uneven skin tones, but I use it for that and it seems to work fine, but I am on the hunt to find proper blemish concealers, so post a comment if you know of any that you love and I might try it out!
  • When I finish my foundation and concealer, I apply my Face of Australia Translucent Powder over my entire face just to define and set my makeup. I love this product, because it's amazing and it's inexpensive!
  • For my blush, I use the Face of Australia blush in Primrose. I really like really popping pink on my cheeks but I'm actually going to start changing this up and use some peaches because I've been reading the beauty sections in magazines so thoroughly and apparently, peach colours will suit my skin tone much nicer, so I'm excited to do that! But this blush is incredible, I love love love it to death, and again, it's inexpensive!
  • So for my eyes, I use Maxfactor Xperience Volumising Mascara in black and I love how this mascara lengthens my lashes so well without making it so clumpy like my last mascara. I actually got this in a goodie bag for free, but I'm sure it's a reasonably priced mascara if you buy it your local pharmacy.
  • So I have an eyelash curler from Manicare, and I think I bought this a while ago for $2 at my local pharmacy and it's still going strong. I love it and it works so well for me!
  • Okay, I have two eyeliners I use. Funny thing: I absolutely adored my Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner and when it ran out, I was saddened for days (maybe not so much), but to the extent where I rushed out when I got a hold of some cash and was ready to buy a new one, but I couldn't find it. Either I didn't try hard enough or it's been discontinued I turned to Models Prefer Liquid Eyeliner in black, and when I first tried it on, the toughness of the brush kind of tingled my eyelids a bit, and so I decided to keep my Lash Stiletto brush and use that when I apply the eyeliner.
  • Alright, so the brushes I use:
    Models Prefer Angled Brush that I use for blush,
    Australis Mineral Powder Brush that I use for powder,
    Australis Foundation Brush that I use for liquid foundation,
    Models Prefer Concealer Brush that I use for concealer,
    and and eyelash comb/eyebrow brush from... I don't know...
    So these were my starter brushes, I'm on the hunt on some new brushes and I'm mainly focused on a professional set.. A really soft professional set because, drum roll please, I want to learn how to apply  eyeshadow, once and for all! Haha, I'm hopeless so hopefully having a brush set will help me get determined and inspired.
Well, that is it, I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Let me know what you think in the comments (I don't bite and I always reply!)