New In

Hi dolls!
It always feel incredible to blog. To me, it's like a release or something to kind of lift me back up after I've been stressed or down. You know what's another things that's like a release? Shopping!
Basically, I've replaced my Shopping Therapy feature with an improvement name, New In.
Don't jump to conclusions, I didn't purchase all of this in one go. These were accumulated over the last month or so.
To be honest, I haven't shopped in over three weeks. It is quite an impressive record for me. I guess school work was a better distraction than I thought it was.
For an essay I had to produce, I had to watch Park St which was a reality television program about what truly goes on behind the scenes of producing a magazine. It's absolutely inspiring and it made me even more excited about hopefully someday working on a magazine. Truly can't wait for that day!

Here's a little recap on the stuff I bought in text form:
01. b collection by bloom cosmetics from Target. Target was having a clearance on all of their bloom cosmetics and I thought it was about time I finally bought their products and I have to admit, I love them! My favourite would be the magic wand. It's so much more neater to remove mistakes when applying your eyeliner.
02. Everytime I go to our local Westfield, I always have to swing by the previous Valleygirl's home to visit the new owners Temt and it's a clearance outlet. I managed to snag these two beauties. Handbags, handbags, handbags! Love love love. I get a lot of use out of these two bags because of the amount of space I have to store all of my things.. And I carry A LOT of things.
03. Another small purchase from Temt, a knit sweater, a cardigan and a style jacket; necessary wardrobe essentials. Also in my favourite colour, pink; and even better, in a light pink!
04. I walked into our local Trade Secret with my boyfriend when we had a little free time to roam around, and I found the most perfect brogues. It has a tiny heel and fits perfectly. Looks incredible and feels so comfy! It's amazing how the tiny heel can make you feel just that much taller.
05. Of course, the monthly necessary magazine purchases. Grab inspiration from the glossy pages and keep them forever. Inherit them into your style just by simply finding them impressive. I could spend an entire rainy day, flipping through various magazines of my preference.
06. I previously blogged about Supre's massive sale (found here http://heartstylegrace.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/fashion-lookbooks-supre.html) and my mom ended up going to one of the stores and found me some goodies. Momma's got style! Quite pleased with these items. She even found me a cute top from Temt. Mom sure does know best.
07. The other weekend, I went to DFO. I thought there would have been a lot more to offer, but apparently not. I managed to find these goodies though; a knit sweater, peplum stripe top and two watches from Dotti, two lipsticks from a cosmetics store, and a DKNY watch my mom bought me for fashion festival, hehe.
08. Whilst I was volunteering at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, I arrived at one of my shifts quite early, so I decided to roam around the QVB and shop a bit considering the event was held just across the street from the QVB. I bought two necklaces and a key chain from eQuip, and lipsticks from Gloss. I love silky lipsticks best, and since these were inexpensive and the colours were amaze-balls, I just had to. I don't think we have these around here.. I don't know. A few days later, my mom went shopping and she got me this cuff from Forever New. Cute right?
09. Finally got the 'Little Black Dress' from Diva. It's a jewelry storage but in the form of a dress. You place it on a clothes hanger and put it up. I can't wait to put it up! Just not too sure where in my room.. No space! I also bought a new iPhone cover. I've had this clear one for ages now and am getting slightly bored.

What was your favourite purchase this month?

Enjoy X


  1. oh!!!! love all your temt purchases, i have the supre sparkly shirt too :))
    my favourite purchase of this month is a motel printed skirt ^^

    1. Oh, aw thank you :')
      That sounds great! X