Weekend Getaway with Babe ♡

Hey guys!
So, this past weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our six years anniversary in the city here in Sydney. We booked a harbour-view hotel room at Ibis Hotel for one night, which came with a breakfast buffet the following morning. Instead of creating an essay of what we encountered this weekend, I'll present it in photo-form along with a small paragraph.
Enjoy! X

We got ready, got dropped off at the train station and finally headed off into the city.

Once we were finally in the city, we headed straight for our hotel to drop off our things. Coincidentally, our room was on level 7, room 19 (if you didn't know, 19 is our lucky number and the day we got together six years ago in September). We burst into fits of tiny giggles at how coincidental that was.

I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how to unlock the door using the hotel key cards. Luckily, no one was around except us, haha!

After 5 minutes of struggling, we finally got in and of course, I dropped my bags and did the famous 'run-and-jump' onto the bed. Luckily, the bed was nice and soft! If it was a hard bed, say hello to a full-blown migraine. Whilst I was rolling around in the comfort of the bed, Henry was checking out the bathroom. It was small, but fit enough for two people: and it was so clean. First thing we looked at was the free shampoos, haha, typical!

This was the view from our hotel window. It was so breathtaking and beautiful! During the day, and the night, it was amazing.

After we settled in, we got ready to go out shopping! One of both of our favourite things to do together. He gives me tips and I give him tips, it's like a shopping duo.
We didn't realise until a little later that our outfits were unintentionally matching. Beige bottoms and a denim top. Pretty funny!

This is a beautiful presentation and comparison of what our view is during the day and then during the night.

Just wanted to show our view, and funnily enough, you could see our entire room through the reflection. After shopping, it got dark rather quickly, so then we got back to our hotel and then got ourselves changed for the night life in the city!

All ready to go out and enjoy Sydney underneath the beautiful night sky!

Honestly, how could you not think Darling Harbour is not beautiful at night?

This was my outfit and makeup for the night. Being a little goofy and taking a picture with the view, hehe! I'm so thankful it wasn't too cold that night.

Our messy vanity.

We headed out to The Star to eat at the Garden Buffet for dinner since my parents gave us a coupon and the meal was practically free, yay! Although, once we got there, the line to get in was super super long, and the weekly fireworks by the Harbour were going to start in an hour. It seemed like we'd have to wait about an hour just to get in, so we decided to duck out and come back later. To fill our rumbling tummies, we ate at the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe. This took about half an hour.

 Then we went back to our hotel to watch the fireworks from our window, just to see how it'd look and whether it would be really nice.. And it was really really pretty! So much more different than if you were right on the harbour underneath it or somewhere in the city, basically, we had the best seats in the house! It was magical to watch the fireworks with my sweet boyfriend cuddling me as I took pictures. So romantic!

Following after the fireworks, we then headed straight to The Star for the Garden Buffet and just as we expected, there was no line and still two hours to eat, boo yah! So we got in and started feasting heavily on all the food that we could fit into our bellies. Good gracious, the food is delicious there!!! Everything you can see on my plate right there was my favourite. Yummo!
I had dessert too, but I never got to take a photo. Sorry!

After the buffet, I was so sleepy already because it was heading to be 11pm. So we went back to our hotel and I took a nap while Henry watched some TV. I napped for about half an hour, then got up, got ready again, and we headed out at midnight to explore the city. Not much were left to be open, but trust Starbucks to be open till 1am, thank goodness! So we sat by the harbour, talking and cuddling while sipping on our nice and warm hot chocolates from Starbucks.
Following after that, we decided to walk around the harbour, then around the city. The city is honestly so beautiful at night. I'm so grateful I got a chance to experience seeing how amazing it really is past midnight. It's beautiful, and so mellow.
It got to be about 2am, then we got hungry. We managed to find a Subway that was still open, and an Oportos that was still open too. Thank goodness! So we ordered some food, and took it back to our hotel, and watched TV while eating our food.

Eventually, we fell asleep and we had to wake up early enough to catch the breakfast buffet at our hotel. Food was actually quite delicious!!

After breakfast, we got back to our hotel room, showered, and packed up all of our stuff, ready to check out.

It was one final look at our view of the harbour, and then it was goodbye.

We were sad our weekend together had to end so soon, but we missed our little baby boy! But this was the best weekend together ever! Hands down!

We spent most of our time here: Westfield Sydney - Pitt St Mall.

Just before we hopped on the train home, we decided to stop by the Lindt Cafe and grab some macarons and a milkshake. Yum, yum, yum!

Once we got back to the West, we were greeted with big hugs from our son, and finally gave him the present we bought him: Raa Raa the Noisy Lion! He loves watching his show on ABC for Kids, and it's so cute when he roars like a lion. We decided to take him out to lunch at Rashay's, and he brought along his new best friend, Raa Raa.

Overall, we had an amazing weekend. I think ending it at lunch with our son was the cherry on top of a delicious sundae (hehe, get it? It was Sunday.. Okay)
It was incredible, and made my boyfriend and I feel more connected than ever. It was much needed for us!


OOTD: Fall's Casual Chic

Top: Temt
Pants: Temt
Cardigan: Temt
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: Diva (given as a gift)

Hi dolls!
Although the colder seasons are done and dusted for my fellow Australians, the other side of the world now have the beautiful season over on their turf. Fall and Winter are my absolute favourite seasons. I'm a Fall baby, so it kind of makes sense, but I just love being in bed, while it's either freezing cold or raining, and cuddling with my boyfriend and watching a movie. There's something about that type of weather that my heart wonders over towards every year.
This outfit post is dedicated to a casual day of Fall.
Style tip: I think a simple one block colour cardigan can always improve an outfit in the colder seasons. You can never go wrong with a black piece of outerwear, but to brighten up a gloomy day, try reaching for your favourite coloured piece of outerwear, and trust me, you'll feel instantly better.
If you're like me and your style or taste doesn't seem to inhale the trend of military boots and what not, try your outfit with some cute flats, and especially loafers. You can have plain jane ones in your favourite colours, neutrals, but try a print if your outfit is looking a little too casual to make it all the more 'chic'.
I found this outfit to be really convenient when running errands during the day.

Also, remember that you don't need high-end pieces to have a great outfit. It's your confidence that makes it a great outfit.