Photo Diary VI

Hey hey, it's Photo Diary time!
Basically, nothing interesting has been happening in my life. It's all just school, family and shopping. So, although all of that may sound extravagantly exciting, I'll spare you the boredom and just present some random snaps for you.
01. I've been reading Lauren Conrad's first novel LA Candy and it's truly an amazing read! I'm still not yet finish, what with being caught up with other things, but I've read a few chapters so far and am truly impressed with Lauren Conrad's perceivable writing. Not only is this lady absolutely gorgeous and a fashion icon, she's an incredible writer! Definitely looking forward to getting the rest of the books.
02. Sales, sales, sales! Means - coupons, coupons, coupons! I didn't actually use any of these, but I was thinking about it. Constantly. I just never had the time to get around to it. Better luck too, because then I saved some $$$.
03. My tiny collection of nail polishes. Need I say more?
04. Now, a stack of magazines are my escape. Flipping through pages and pages of glossy goodness and being inspired at each and every page that you turn to. I love how my choice of magazines range from high-fashion to teen-fashion.
05. Four of my favourite perfumes. Zara Red, Mary-Kate and Ashley NY Chic, Lovely Princess (knock-off of Vera Wang's perfumes) and this one has no name and I threw away the box, but it smells amazing and it's the one I wear the most!
06. All my iPhone cases that are currently in my possession. Funnily enough though, I only ever use my clear transparent iPhone case that I purchased for $5 on eBay.
07. Revlon purchases from a month or so ago. Each piece, I love to absolute death. My faves are the lipsticks though! I might do a video on all of the makeup I own.. Just a thought.
08. My current additions to my daily makeup bag. The eyeliner made my eye itch once I applied it so I've been afraid to try it again to see if I really am allergic to it or something.

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