Special: Winter Shopping Haul

Hi fellow shoppers!
Happy Friday, and...
Welcome to my 101st blog post, and my first every fashion video!
I accidentally missed my 100 post, so hello to my 101!
I'm so excited to show you all this, and a little nervous. But I'm proud of where I'm at and I'm sure you're going to really like this. I hope so anyway.
Aren't Winter sales wonderful?

The time has come.
Say hello to my Shopping Haul video:

Hi, my name's Danica, and I run breakfastwithd.blogspot.com: a fashion & beauty blog! This is my first ever fashion video, and I hope to do more! I'm 19, a student, and having an affair with fashion and blogging.
I always put my son first, so remember that before commenting on how I'm selfish.
When I filmed this video, the camera was in sunlight so you can see the floating lint, and it blurs out sometimes, sorry!
I also made an error saying I shop this big every two months, it's actually like, every 6 months, I just couldn't think on the spot.
Hope you enjoy! X


  1. Yay I love hauls! Can't wait to see more videos :) xx

    1. Aw you're so sweet! I can't wait to do more!
      Thanks for your feedback! :')