Birthday (Fantasy) Wishlist

Hello beauties!
Oh, hey, what's this? Suddenly two blog posts in one day! Wow! Haha!!!
My nineteenth birthday is coming up on Monday (the 7th of May), and I'm so excited! It's the one year where I can actually point out what I want. Clearly the electronics are way out of anyone's pay, so I absolutely don't expect to be receiving them, but it's okay to dream and wish, right?
I could probably list a bunch of things I want, but that would be way too long (and I can't find photos online of them), so I think the safe gifts to give someone like me would be a bunch of these gift cards or cash. I'm a big shopper (at the same time, I've managed to save $400 for America so far), and I think it's best for me to buy my own things rather than have people do that. Since I know what I like and so their thoughtfulness wouldn't go to any waste. Although, I still looove receiving bought gifts. I think it's very very sweet, and I am forever grateful!
Well, basically, here's just a little polyvore collage of my birthday wishlist, hehe X

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