OOTD: Bedazzled

Hey beautiful people!
Just a quick outfit post before this day ends. I've kind of got an itchy throat (I'm choosing to believe it's from the mexican food I ate last night - long story short: my throat can't handle spices or... Mexican food since, forever, so I get itchy throats for like 2 days) and I wasn't really feeling up to making an outfit post but I know I promised and I definitely don't like letting you guys down.
Today's outfit is pretty basic. I didn't have any jewellry on because I thought the jewels on the dress/top was already enough. I wanted to keep it super simple. I'm trying out this new lipstick I got from a gift bag and I absolutely love it! It looks great in pictures. I also did my nails today while watching a bunch of documentaries, because I realized I haven't done them in soooo long and I miss it. It makes me feel so girly and feminine when I have nail polish on! I just wish I knew a secret on how to not have them chipping away. But I think I've sort of solved that with my idea of having a different colour of nail polish on every week. How exciting (for me)!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. I go back to school next week and then the following week have my volunteer job at Fashion Week, yay!
I'm feeling generous so I've decided that I'll definitely have another outfit post up for you tomorrow! Something with more content and details for you all to inspect. Keep an eye out!

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