OOTD: Bedazzled

Hey beautiful people!
Just a quick outfit post before this day ends. I've kind of got an itchy throat (I'm choosing to believe it's from the mexican food I ate last night - long story short: my throat can't handle spices or... Mexican food since, forever, so I get itchy throats for like 2 days) and I wasn't really feeling up to making an outfit post but I know I promised and I definitely don't like letting you guys down.
Today's outfit is pretty basic. I didn't have any jewellry on because I thought the jewels on the dress/top was already enough. I wanted to keep it super simple. I'm trying out this new lipstick I got from a gift bag and I absolutely love it! It looks great in pictures. I also did my nails today while watching a bunch of documentaries, because I realized I haven't done them in soooo long and I miss it. It makes me feel so girly and feminine when I have nail polish on! I just wish I knew a secret on how to not have them chipping away. But I think I've sort of solved that with my idea of having a different colour of nail polish on every week. How exciting (for me)!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. I go back to school next week and then the following week have my volunteer job at Fashion Week, yay!
I'm feeling generous so I've decided that I'll definitely have another outfit post up for you tomorrow! Something with more content and details for you all to inspect. Keep an eye out!


OOTD: Happy Easter

Top: Temt
Shorts: Valleygirl
Shoes: Nike Factory Outlet
Bag: Rubi Shoes
Sunnies: Factory

Hi beauties!
Introducing my Easter Show outfit! It was a really hot day, especially with all the walking around and being directly under the beaming sun, so I felt that this outfit was perfect for the day. Yes, the day.. But as it came to the night, it got a whole lot chilly and it was just freezing! Luckily I brought a jacket with me, although, it didn't help me to the degree where I wasn't shivering from time to time.
I was happy because I finally got to put my Nike shoes to use. I've had them for a little over a year now and I was actually trying to sell them. But now, I've decided to keep them because I love how they look and I'm gonna have fun styling them and incorporating them into my outfits later on!
I had a massively great time at the Easter Show and definitely want to come back next year!

My March (and first ever) Glossybox came in the mail today! I was super stoked because I'd been waiting for almost two weeks now. Naturally, I ran upstairs and whipped out my camera to snap some shots before I completely demolished every single product. But I just gently opened the packaging, (casually snapping shots as I went), and opened the box to a beautiful smell! I don't want to talk too much about it, but, I will say this - it really is an amazing box! There'll be a post coming up tomorrow on my Glossybox!

I'm totally in holiday mood now, and that's no good because I have to get started on my assessments. The thing is, I cannot find the motivation at all!!! Especially with a mini-getaway coming on board this week with my boyfriend's family, I'm slacking off even more and getting ready to chill and let my mind clear out for a while. I'm hoping the place we stay at will have wifi.. So I can blog, or maybe I'll find my motivation there!
I hope everyone's having a lovely mid-semester break!


OOTD: I like (love) Pink

Blouse: Temt
Shorts: Chicabooti
Earrings: Lovisa
Ring: Diva

Hi beautifuls!
I love creating outfit posts for you guys now because of my fantastic tripod! It actually makes me so much more determined and inspired, so you better be ready for way more outfit posts to come.
This little outfit is pretty simple and basic. With how uncertain the weather has been lately, this is a perfect little number. The blouse is still pretty thin, but when there's a breeze or so, the material is still able to keep you warm. Plus, you could just pull a cute blazer on top of this outfit for a night out or something.
I absolutely adore pretty things, like ruffles, scallop cuts, pinks, etc, so with this outfit I wanted to make it super girly and really feminine. Check! Fashion Mission complete.
When I was trying to pick my accessories for this outfit, I was having such a hard time because my jewellry is so very out-dated! Ugh, I hate it. I really need to invest in some stylish jewellry, but at the same time, some of the jewellry I have now, I can't seem to let go of.

*Please excuse my bra strap which is trying to get a photo op.

Enjoy, sweeties!


Fashion Job Opportunity!

This is just a quick post about something very exciting and really important to me.
I, and two close fashionable girlies, received an email back from Miro Door about volunteering at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. We registered a while back, when the applications first opened, and were so glad to finally hear back!
Basically, we have the opportunity to be volunteers at the event. Helping out with dressing models, assisting the head directors, working front house, etc.
We had to send in back an Availability form, listing our most preferred work times. Although it clashes with my time at TAFE, I honestly do not care, and would put aside a week just to volunteer and get experience in the industry! Classically, I put down anytime Monday through Thursday and then put Evening 3pm - 10pm on the last day, Friday. Only for the reasons that that day is my one day with Ethan, and I don't like giving up time with him, now that he's in daycare.
We were also asked for our t-shirt size AND if we're able to attend a conference briefing the day before the fabulous Fashion Week starts. Originally, I ticked that box so hard, you'd think it was going to fall off the page.
So, it's not confirmed that we've got the job, but it's basically on the tip of our fingers, waiting to fall into the palm of our hands.
Fingers crossed that we all get it!

*Clearly I'm so very excited. But my future cousin-in-law and I are very hopeful about this, so in our minds, we've got this down. Pity if we don't get it, but there's always another time. Pretty cool if we do get this though.


OOTD: Summer Orange

Dress: Temt
Belt: Blue Jade

Hi beauties!
I was testing my new tripod with my beautiful camera today, so this is just a rough kind of outfit post. Trust me, outfit posts will be loads better once I get the hang of this.
Determination definitely comes a long way, because I promised myself that beginning this year, I would improve my blog in all aspects, and that's precisely what I've begun doing. I got a new camera, a suitable tripod, evolving my wardrobe and organized my blog's layout design.
It's all slowly, but surely, coming together, and I couldn't be more happier! Hearing your feedback would just be phenomenal, and be the cherry on top of my blog's starting excellence! So please, don't be afraid of leaving a comment or anything. Although, remember, rudeness will definitely not be tolerated, so forget that! But if you comment nicely on something I need to improve, then of course, I'll take that into consideration.

A post about my tripod and Forever New package will be up tomorrow!