Weekly Wishlist I

01. Seeing as I'm blogging and editing more and more these days, I definitely need a mouse to help me. My laptop's track-pad just isn't living up to its purpose when I have to edit and organize my files. So this pretty little pearl covered mouse is perfect for the job! I have to purchase it online though since they don't sell them at any Forever New stores anymore.
02. My absolute most favourite fashion magazine ever! Others would beg to differ and say, Elle or Vogue would be ultimate best fashion magazines, but that's for them, this is for me. Better yet, it's Australian also! I need to immediately get my hands onto a copy of this! I definitely recommend it.
03 & 04. As terrible as it sounds, I only have about 4 pairs of heels. I know, tragic (ha!) but I am working on getting about... a bajillion more to add to my growing collection. Rubi Shoes has incredibly designs and styles for shoes! The quality is just about right for the price. But considering I don't wear heels often, these are perfect. I have two pairs of wedges so I'm excited to add some more! In my opinion, wedges are much easier to walk in.
05 & 06. With Winter sneaking up on us, I desperately want to add some gloves to my wardrobe. I remember I was suppose to buy some last year, but all of the ones I wanted ran out, so I had to wait half a year to finally have them back in, so I'm going to make sure I get my hands on these pretty babies. Forever New has some stunning gloves and even though I had to only pick two, there's so many to pick from, I doubt I'll only get two.

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