OOTD: It's almost St. Patrick's Day

Top: Temt
Bottoms: Glassons
Shoes: Forever New
Accessories: Boyfriend's (watch), Rubi Shoes/Cotton On (sunglasses)

Hello lovely people!
Like I promised (if I did), here's an outfit post! My first one ever on my new baby, Peaches, (by baby/Peaches, I mean camera*) and I'm so thrilled it turned out fine! I also customized my new blog layout and I'm super pleased with it!
When I got dressed this morning, I wasn't expecting to wear green. At all. But I ended up doing so and I realized, it's almost St. Patrick's Day! It's this Friday, right? Because that's what my son's school is saying to me. But anyway, so this is my St. Patrick's Day outfit, that was worn today. Wow. Confusing. Haha!
This is definitely going to make me blog even more, so I hope you all visit this more and recommend my blog to people who want to check out some fashion blogs, because this will progress into becoming one!
My boyfriend takes all of my outfit photos, but I am also in the progress of buying a tripod for my camera, so that when he's not around, I can still manage to get an outfit post up for you babes.
So enjoy this post and I will definitely be back soon!X